Gigi Hadid Goes Off On A Fan: Here Are The Details

Over the last few years, supermodel Gigi Hadid has become a familiar face. She has participated in campaigns for big name brands and designers such as Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger and [insert designer/brand]. Being a public figure at such a large magnitude has subjected Gigi to the commentary of haters with much to say about the model’s looks, body, career, relationship- you name it. In the past, Gigi has had no issue with speaking up for herself by clapping back and putting haters back in their rightful place over social media.

However, during an exchange with a fan on March 28, Gigi might have missed the mark with one fan.

How It All Went Down

The small conflict started when Twitter user @lovingmyzjm tweeted a photo of her cousin meeting Gigi Hadid while the model was shooting on location.

The user seemed pretty excited and wanted to show off this cool moment. Although she did not tag Gigi in her original tweet, it spread fast- garnering thousands of likes and retweets as well as hundreds of replies underneath the tweet. As the number of reactions to the original tweet grew it eventually found its way into the sights of Gigi herself, who had a very unexpected reaction to the photo that the fan tweeted.

Hours following the posting of the tweet Gigi responded to the original post. In short, she was not feeling the fan’s tweet. She interprets the fan’s intent of posting the photo of her cousin with Gigi as “mean” and “negative” after noting comments within the thread made about her appearance in the photo not being up to what many considered standard for the model. Gigi felt as though the fan posted the photo with the intent to open the floor to negatively comment on the model without regard to the context surrounding her appearance when the photo was taken. Furthermore, Gigi was not appreciative of these comments especially after the kind gesture of taking a photo with the fan’s family member despite having just finished a 12-hour photoshoot.

Gigi went in further on the fan commenting, “It bums me out that there’s people like you who function on an intelligence level that would look beyond the nice experience I had with your sweet fam & turn that into such a negative and mean train of thought,”.

As previously stated, being that Gigi is an incredibly visible face with a large public presence it is to be expected that she would attract as much negative attention as she would attract positive attention. It would be expected that Gigi would be on guard and if it was a particularly bad day, ready to clap back. In this case, Gigi misread where the true “mean” and “negative” energy came from.

The fan soon came back to reply in her defense, emphasizing the point that she did not make the negative and mean spirited comments about Gigi in relation to the photo posted.

Some of Gigi’s fanbase came to her defense.

The fan was not alone in her defense as other users and followers further emphasized the point of the reply being misdirected.

The brief exchange quietly died down within a few hours as Gigi has made no furtherent on the matter.

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