Top 5 Best Power Snacks To Wake You Up In Class

Life is stressful. Between classes, internships, and meetings it’s easy to become drained and feel at a loss for energy. Not only does this impact your work ethic throughout the day, but it can have an effect on your mental health too. Keeping yourself hydrated and feeding your metabolism can help to boost your energy and help you push through those tiring days.

Here are 5 snacks to bring with you to class this week.


Filled with fiber and nutrients, the chickpea-based dip is a perfect way to break up your meals in between the day. Heart-healthy and stocked with protein, hummus is a great, refreshing snack to help you out of that midday slump. Grab some pretzels, raw peppers, and a reasonable portion and start dipping.

Cheese With Nuts

Both power snacks are great for you in moderation. Although high in fat, nuts are loaded with all sorts of nutrients, from antioxidants to vitamins. Convenient too, it’s more than easy to throw a snack pack in your purse or grab some trail mix nearby. Also easy to carry around, cheese is an excellent source of calcium and energy.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is stacked in the protein department, and easy to grab on the go. Ensure to opt for plain Greek yogurt, as those with added fruits can be up to 10 grams higher in sugar. Yogurt is perfect for energizing after a long class or hard day.


Studies regarding bananas argue health benefits such as an improved digestive system to better heart health. It is to no secret, however, that this fruit is incredibly nutritious and typically more filling than other members of the fruit section.


If you have the time for it, blending up a smoothie is a perfect way to treat yourself to an energizing, healthy snack. Knowing exactly what you put into it smoothies allow you to do your own research and test out what your body reacts well to.