Is Ariana Grande A Bisexual Or Queerbaiting?

Back in November Ariana stans were ecstatic while dismantling the meaning behind hit single thank u, next and speculating that the pop star may be coming out as bisexual. Singing in her lyrics “Plus, I met someone else. We havin’ better discussions. I know they say I move on too fast but this one gon’ last. ‘Cause her name is Aubrey.”

In reality, the 25-year old singer was referring to herself, singing “Ari” instead of “Aubrey.” However, fans are optimistic about their speculations following the release of lyrics to Ariana’s collaboration with Victoria Monet, Monopoly.

Although the song has yet to release, lyrics have dropped on the notable site Genius. Fans are drawing conclusions regarding Grande’s sexuality over the chorus, in which she and Monet sing together: “I like women and men (Yeah), work so f***ing much need a twinny twin twin (Yeah), how you hit the club when you barely got in? Then we hit the bank, making them investments for the win.”

Why hello Ariana Grande is bi! 👀

— Dallas Lovato (@ConcentrateJake) March 31, 2019

ariana grande came out as bi?

— ashleigh (@rosesashleigh) March 31, 2019

so is @ArianaGrande bi or what

pls be bi

— coffee spoonie (@coffeespoonie) February 9, 2019

dear ariana grande,
perpetuating stereotypes about bi people and queerbaiting on top of that doesn’t make you a good ally. you’re STILL making bisexuality look like a “concept” and portraying wlw in a song that sounds like it’s about cheating does not help us at all.

— v 🏴‍☠️# (@EGOCLIPSE) February 8, 2019

Not only have fans taken into account the possibility of typos in the release of these lyrics, but many also consider the fact that Ariana has yet to clarify her sexuality. It has also been mentioned that Victoria Monet, who has openly come out to being bisexual, may be the only one singing this part of the chorus.

Others a little more critical of the hit singer have brought up the potential notion that Grande is “queer-baiting” remaining vague on her sexuality to further her reach to LGBTQ+ fans.

Yo i feel like Ariana ain't bisexual and this rumors are just to bring attention to the song. Like always she's just queerbaiting so her fans can chill

— TwoOfUs◟̽◞̽🎗#TeamLouis LT1 (@Pandi_Stylonson) April 1, 2019

ok if ariana isnt actually coming out this time i'm gonna be so mad if she's queer baiting like so mad like that is fucked up ma'am

— karlie (@blazedbix) March 31, 2019

Earlier in the year, Grande received backlash for the correlation between the announcement of her headlining Manchester Pride and the ticket prices for the event soaring immediately after. Quickly apologizing to fans, Grande tweeted about the situation.

Not only has the singer been accused multiple times of exploiting LBTQ+ culture, but Grande has also been held accountable for appropriating black culture. Her hit single 7 Rings shows the star in a skin tone much darker than hers rapping, her chorus being very similar to Princess Nokia’s Mine.

Many pop-stars are been accused of copying the talent of minority parties. Will Ariana address the rumors?

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