Is Hailey Bieber Pregnant? Details

April Fool’s Day is a day a lot of people can’t take anyone seriously. Some jokes are funny, some jokes aren’t, and some are just plain cruel.

One joke people can’t seem to stop doing is the controversial “pregnancy prank” where one posts an image or tells people they are expecting when they really aren’t. Newlyweds Justin & Hailey Bieber are the latest to do the prank.

The first picture Bieber posted was of a sonogram. A lot of people didn’t take him seriously as he’s known to be a big prankster and many found it be a stock image from the Internet. However, in his next post, he uploaded images of what looked like they were taken at Hailey’s doctor’s appointment for her “baby bump.”

When fans and celebrities thought it wasn’t a joke, everyone started congratulating the happy couple. Until Justin posted yet another Instagram, this time with a golden retriever in the sonogram instead of a baby, confirming the news was just a prank.

The pop star is experiencing backlash over this prank, as many do when they pretend they’re expecting, with people accusing him to be highly insensitive of the millions of women who have fertility issues who may struggle to get pregnant or can’t get pregnant at all.

Many people tweeted in anger, with posts like “JUSTIN BIEBER IS OFFICIALLY CANCELLED” to “I hope that ‘pregnancy’ announcement was real. Pregnancy pranks are not cool. There are people who can’t have babies or have lost.”

At this moment, Justin hasn’t officially responded to the backlash. The only other images he’s posted on Instagram is of his Drew clothing line. Considering how vocal he’s been on the site lately, a response isn’t out of the question.

Justin & Hailey aren’t the first ones to do a pregnancy April Fool’s joke. Last year, Bachelor couple Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham tweeted that they were expecting, with Lauren showing a baby bump. Arie later tweeted out it was just a prank, while in 2016, Gwen Stefani Instagrammed an ultrasound with the caption: “It’s a girl.”


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