5 Effective Life Hacks For Surviving Midterms & Finals Week

This has been going on for years now. For most probably since high school, midterms and finals week are no joke. It’s a super stressful week and if you’re that unlucky two weeks. It’s full of studying, cramming, coffee, more studying, panicking more panicking and complaining. Finals and Midterms is a college and high school students worst enemy. It can literally feel like you’re about to die during those times and no one wants to feel that way. Specifically, while they sit in a classroom for about an hour taking a test that can have a significant impact on your grade. Here are 5 tips to surviving midterms and finals week.


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Okay the obvious one here, studying. The only way you’ll pass is if you study. You’re aware of when midterms and finals week come up so give yourself time, begin studying ahead. You’ll thank yourself later when you paced yourself, and you’re not cramming at 11 at night the day before the exam. Study at least two weeks earlier, by the time the test is coming up you’ll be calm, have learned everything, and just reviewing a bit.


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For many, this is probably the hardest. There are people out there who say they can run on 3 hours of sleep and they possibly can, but it’s not the smartest thing to do. The human brain and body need more time to rest. While you’re in the test room, you’ll want to feel a little bit more energized if not reading even the first question might make you fall asleep. Tests are boring, and it’s common to want to fall asleep during one let’s not make it easier.

Move Your Body



It’s known that working out can have significant effects on the body, endorphins in mind are being released, and overall it just makes us feel great. Many have the notion that it only has to be exercising, it doesn’t. It can be yoga, meditation, running or going for a long walk or hike. Do anything to release the stress that’s adding up to your body. Feeling more relaxed will leave you more prepared to keep studying.

Take Breaks

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This goes with moving your body, take breaks here and there from studying. Don’t stress, especially if you followed step 1 and gave yourself time. Taking a break from studying won’t hurt. This part is vital as one tends to study so much with no breaks and can stress themselves out to the point where test day comes, and they completely blanked out. It can’t just be all work and no play.

Trust In What You Learned

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A lot of students tend to doubt themselves and their abilities, especially during those test weeks and this can really mess them up when they’re taking exams. Trust in the things you have learned, trust that you studied as much and as best as you can and believe that you’re smart enough for this test. One should never doubt intelligence especially when it’s theirs.

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