6 Fun Things To Add To Your Spring Break Bucket List

Spring break is almost here so it’s time to get excited! Whether you’re going to the beach with high school friends, hiking with your college group, or staying at home with your family, you should enjoy your week. No matter what you do, before you know it, you’ll be gearing up for another Monday at school. Don’t let the week pass you by! Instead, think about the things you want to do, and make sure you accomplish them before the end of the week. Here are 6 fun things to add to your spring break bucket list!

1. Jump out of your comfort zone.

Spring break is the perfect time to do something you normally wouldn’t. If you’ve always wanted to try singing karaoke, a beach restaurant where you don’t know anyone is ideal. If you and your friends keep talking about making a trivia team, look online at your destination to see if any restaurants offer trivia! No matter what you do, remember that spring break is the best time to try new things – as long as you’re responsible and safe.

2. Do something outside.

Not everyone will be going to the beach for spring break, and that’s okay! You can still get some outside time no matter where you’re going. If you’re going to be home with your family, bring your siblings or parents along on a hike or a picnic at a park. If you’re spending the week in a city with your friends, walk as often as you can. During the school year, it’s easy to spend all week cooped up inside the library or classrooms. Spring break is your opportunity to get outside!

3. Read a book.

Maybe you’re looking at this idea and shaking your head, thinking, “I already read for school!” That’s true, but when’s the last time you read something because you wanted to? Not because you had to. Use this week of less schoolwork to catch up on a reading goal. If you’re at the beach, take advantage of the amazing view and soothing sounds in the background. Choose a bestseller for entertainment if you’ll be in the car or on a plane for a long time. At the end of spring break, maybe you’ll rediscover your love of reading and replace your daily Netflix time with it!

4. Wear that outfit you’ve always wanted to.

You know that outfit you bought for “one day” but kept at the back of your closet? Now is the time to wear it! For spring break, you’ll probably be taking tons of photos with your friends at every memorable location, so you want to feel your best. Plus, you’ll become more confident in your own sense of style. Once you wear that floppy hat and love it, you’ll feel comfortable wearing it on campus!

5. Keep a journal.

Instead of constantly having your phone out to document each spring break experience, use a journal! Take a photo or two when you need to, but don’t let your spring break memories be behind a phone. You could keep an individual journal, or you could make one with your friends! This will be a great way to document your time and express your gratitude over each moment. Print the photos you do take, and add them to your journal at the end of spring break!

6. Have an amazing time!

Obviously, this is the most important thing to check off your bucket list. Enjoy your spring breaks while you have them and make as many memories as you can. Make the most of your week so that when you come back to school, you feel refreshed and ready to finish the year strong.