5 Things That Must Be On Your Spring Break Bucket List

It is never too early to start planning for summer. It’s probably most of the students favorite holiday. No school, no homework, no stress, getting to go out with friends more and just overall being able to enjoy the weather. There is so much to do during summer in such a short time it can be overwhelming. So much pressure is out there to have a fantastic summer so there can be good memories once school begins, and so does fall and winter. Here are 5 things to have on your summer checklist that will add to those great memories.

Head To The Beach As Many Times As Possible

Group of friends playing volleyball at the beach


The beach is the number one place to be during summer. The water the sand it’s all just fun and exciting. Even if you’re not on a faraway tropical island, the beach can sure make it feel as if you are. Grab your friends or friend, you don’t need a whole group to have fun, get some snacks and anything else you feel you’ll need/want to make sure it’s a fun day. Head to the beach this summer at least 3 times and even in the night time just be careful.

Road Trip

Three girls on a road trip


Even if it’s a short one go on a road trip. Take your closest friends and enjoy going somewhere new with them. It doesn’t have to be to another state, just go somewhere you have never been and the whole point is to make it a fun trip. If you live in the city head somewhere, that’s not a city like an environment and appreciate the quietness and calmness of it all. Take pictures with your friends to one day have the memories of exploring new places.

Music Festivals/Concerts

A group of people at a concert with their hands up


A personal favorite for the summer is music festivals and concerts. Something about dressing up or dressing down in outfits that don’t make you sweat so much in the summer sun and being in open areas enjoying music with a bunch of other people who are doing the same adds an amazing feeling to it all. If being outdoors like this doesn’t sound appealing to you, concerts are still available, the same thing just inside. Bring your friends and enjoy the music and the aesthetic and not all music events cost hundreds of money. Central parks holds music events every summer so check it out you’d be surprised of the new artist you discover and love.

Enjoy The Outside

A young woman smiling and enjoying the outdoors


Go outside! Trust you’ll miss it once the winter comes around and the last thing on anyone’s mind is being outside. Take advantage of the weather, and the natural feeling summer brings of just wanting to be outdoors. Be careful though, the heat can get dangerous so always hydrate and make sure not to be outside for too long in the sun. Here are some ideas on what to do: ice cream runs, and they don’t have to be in the day time, late night ice cream runs are just as fun. Outdoor movie screenings either go to one at your local park or any other place that participates in them. Can never go wrong with picnics at the park, just make sure to stay in the shade. Go camping or hiking enjoy nature and what it has to offer.

Start Something New

A person climbing to the top of a hill


Summer is the best time to focus on you and on things you want to accomplish. No school meaning more time to focus on these things. Take advantage of the fact that you have a bit more extra time on your hands that you can use to workout, write that book that you always wanted, focus on your art, learn a new skill or language. Use this time to better yourself for the next few months that are to come after summer.

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