8 Things You Should Know Before Dating An EDM Fangirl

“It’s not just a genre of music, it’s a lifestyle,” may be the first thing and EDM fangirl will tell you about their way of life. If you’re reading this, maybe YOU are the EDM fangirl?

Whether you’re a seasoned festival veteran or even a newbie, you’re head-over-heels for electronic dance music. You throw loads of cash into purchasing festival tickets, are constantly trolling your favorite artists on social media, are up-to-date on the week’s latest track releases on Soundcloud, and stalk your DJ crushes on Instagram and basically know everything about them. Yikes, sounds kinda frightening, but we promise we’re not all this obsessive. Here are eight things you should know before dating an EDM fangirl.


She will force you to spend hours with her and her friends making plastic bead bracelets they call Kandi. For what? To trade with other EDM fans at shows and festivals. Once traded, you’re basically best friends forever. Oh, and you’ll likely find Kandi beads in strange places like your underwear drawer and in your bed. If you’re lucky, maybe even in your underwear.


Glitter is her best friend and the herpes of festival supplies. People are always telling her that she has glitter in her eye, in her hair, on her lips, and they will point it out in your beard. The girl even pees glitter sometimes (or is that just me?).


Her dream spring break trip is setting sail on a festival cruise and spending five days raging in the sunshine along with her favorite DJs and producers. Bikinis, booties and beats!


She keeps her festival wristbands on throughout the winter. Not only are they conversation starters, but memories made and an ultimate sign she’s an undeniable EMD fan, even though they question her bathing habits.


She can’t afford to buy your birthday presents because she’s saving up for Ultra, EDC and TomorrowWorld presales.


The background of her phone is an aerial shot of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, and the only photos on her phone are pictures of a stage, backs of people’s hands and maybe a tiny DJ head peaking above the decks.


She has a bunch of random wannabe DJs as Twitter and Instagram followers due to her overuse of hashtagging #EDM (they’re not stalkers, no need to ask).


She will be the one to introduce you and your friends to the newest music and hottest remixes. She’s the one to count on to create the pregame playlist, and that’s a girl worth keeping.

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