The 8 Stages Of Being A Broke College Student

People always talk about how college is known to be the best four years of your life. While that is true, what they don’t tell you is that these will be your poorest years as well.

Prior to college, something I never understood is why my siblings and older friends would constantly complain that they didn’t have money. Now that I am in college, I can truly say that I get it.

Suddenly, I have become a person who can’t even get a cup of coffee because I don’t have a simple three dollars. The $40 dollar paycheck I used to complain about now makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Though you may not get it now, you will when you go to college. These are the unfortunate stages of being a broke college student.

Stage 1: You come to school with your money saved from the summer


God bless the summer because without it I would live on the streets. The first stage is when you come to school actually having money (it won’t last long). It’s the time when you are reminded that chasing 5-year-olds around for a few months actually wasn’t that bad.

Stage 2: You get a job


You tell yourself that the money you make will go into your bank account, but we all know how that works. Are you really going to put that money into your bank when you see clothes are 50 percent off at Urban Outfitters?

Stage 3: You realize have to buy textbooks


Say goodbye to the money you are making at work, and hello to the steady decline of your bank account. This is the stage where you spend 300 dollars on books that you will never open and use as coasters.

Step 4: You start to question your decisions


You begin to ask yourself if you really needed that 12 dollar pitcher of beer last night. It’s like you want to have a good time, but having fun gets expensive real fast.

Step 5: You realize you can’t keep spending money on pizza


You know how college kids talk about living off ramen? They aren’t kidding. Unfortunately, ordering a large pizza every weekend adds up so ramen noodles it is. No they don’t taste good and yes, they will make you fat. To be honest, you really have no choice.

Stage 6: You continue to spend money


Though you are getting better at spending your money, there are still things that you feel like you just need. 90 dollar LuLu Lemon leggings are worth it, right?

Stage 7: Doing everything you can to survive


That’s right, I mean everything. I’m talking begging guys to buy you drinks, stealing food from the dinning hall and borrowing your friends clothes because you can’t afford to buy new ones.

Stage 8: Acceptance


You’ve finally accepted that you are broke, and have probably cried about it for a few hours. You realize that you either need to stop spending money or get another job because that spring break trip isn’t going to pay for itself.

As someone who just got home from studying abroad and can barely afford to live, I recommend saving as much money as you can. It’s only a matter of time before you will have to sell your soul to pay back those student loans.

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