The 8 Craziest Things That Have Happened In Florida

It’s safe to say that Florida has some of the craziest headlines in their news cycle. Whether it’s a thrilling car chase or a poor interaction with an animal, Florida residents have seen and been through it all. Check out some of these crazy incidences that have happened in Florida.

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with aggravated assault without intent to kill after she reportedly "farted loudly" in a Dollar Store and then pulled a knife on a man who complained

— WISH-TV (@WISH_TV) November 28, 2018

I mean, can we blame her?

Florida Man Survives Shark Attack, Has Also Been Bitten By Rattlesnake, Struck By Lightening, Punched By Monkeys |

— Florida Man (@_FloridaMan) August 6, 2013

The strength that this man has is truly inspiring.

Florida Man Arrested For Impersonating NICKELBACK Drummer


He ordered $25,000 worth of musical equipment from Austria while he was at it…

Florida woman claims wind blew cocaine into her purse: #abc15

— ABC15 Arizona (@abc15) September 10, 2018

This one takes the cake.

Florida Woman Quits Job So She Can Breastfeed Her Boyfriend Full-Time

— Florida Woman (@_Flor1daWoman) June 8, 2016

Very questionable.

Florida woman named Crystal Methvin arrested for possession of crystal meth, police say

— WSB-TV (@wsbtv) May 31, 2018

Not very shocking.

Herpes-infected monkeys terrorize Florida…

— DRUDGE REPORT (@DRUDGE_REPORT) September 12, 2013

Apparently, these furry animals aren’t always as cute as they seem.

Rogue kangaroo captured in Florida with Tasers and tranquilizers after 10-hour chase

— News This Second (@NewsThisSecond) June 3, 2013

Kangaroos faster than automobiles? Possibly.

"@JimmyJazz1968: 346-Pound Man Punches Domino's Pizza Guy for Forgetting His Garlic Knots, Cops Say"

— Glutenfrida Kahlo (@ColonelCadaver) July 21, 2015

I would be angry too.

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