5 Easy Tips To Stay Healthy During Spring Break Fun

Spring break is just around the corner for many, and after a long and hard winter, we’re all ready to let loose and have the most fun as possible before going back to school and finishing up the year. With that said many of us can forget to take care of our bodies during this time amidst all the fun we have to remember that our bodies need to be taken care of. Some of the things that go on during spring can take a toll on them heavily.  Let’s avoid waking up each morning with the feeling that we got hit by a bus the other night. Here are 5 tips for staying healthy during this spring break.


Water water water water and oh yeah more water. Stay hydrated like it’s your job. During all the drinking one can forget to take a sip of water here and there. Not only are you staying hydrated and avoiding fainting you’re also preventing waking up with a huge hangover the next morning. Think about it really, do you want to wake up the next morning feeling sick to your stomach while the rest of your friend group is up and ready to do it all over again. Stay hydrated and eat something here and there.


It’s spring break, and there’s no way one is going to be mindful and eat all the right foods let’s be realistic here. It’s gonna be junk food upon junk food, and that’s okay, it’s time to have fun and do things that we usually wouldn’t do on a day to day basis. However, let’s incorporate some fruits here and there it wouldn’t hurt and add a side salad to that burger. Let’s not forget that eating a bit healthy can keep our skin glowing during a week where photos are being taken all over the place.

Know Your Limits

The limit does exist. Understand that when your body can’t anymore, it can’t, don’t push it. If you feel close to throwing up just stop for a bit take a breather from the drinking and smoking for a bit. It’s not going anywhere you can continue it later on when you’re feeling better, a few minutes is okay to take. If you’re already tired out don’t keep going it’s okay to clock out and go to bed, no one’s gonna hate on you for being a human being and getting tired.


Skipping out on sleep is a no-no. Don’t try to pull all-nighters you’re no longer kids and have the most energy in the world anymore. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep or more you’re on vacation feel free to sleep in. Sleeping is one of the best ways to let your body recover after going hard the night before. It’s okay to rest.

Don’t Skip Out On Exercise

Just cause it’s a week full of only fun things does not mean we can diss on getting a bit of exercise here and there. Hit up the gym a few times, you don’t have to be there for long a quick 15-30 minute workout will be just fine. Going for a run by the beach doesn’t sound so bad either or going for a long walk with a friend too. Just stay active in a healthy way.