Top 5 Best Ways To Regroup After A Tough Week

We all have been there, coming home from work or school and just feeling completely drained not even knowing what in the world has happened for you to even feel this exhausted not just physically but mentally too. The body not only feels way too tired out but the mind is as well. Regrouping after a tough week or even a touch day is extremely important. As humans, we tend to stretch ourselves out way too thin, more than some can handle coming together with yourself after all of it is one of the biggest uses of self-care. It can be hard to think of ways to regroup for people who are just starting out so here are 5 ways to regroup after a tough week.


Don’t knock it till you try it. A lot of people have the notion that meditating is a waste of time, only for hippies, it’s really not. Meditating is one of the best way to regroup think about it, it’s 10-20 minutes that you’re silent, breathing in and out, staying still and just focusing on your thought process. Many believe meditating is meant for you not to think and that’s hard because the human mind is made to think it even functions while we’re sleeping. Meditating is the process of seeing how and where your thoughts go to and recollecting them and changing your thought process and what of what you’re thinking of.

A Nice Long Shower/Bath

For many, the regrouping process involves a long shower or bath. Something about being fresh out the shower and having your body feel clean after a tough day can really make a difference in the way you feel about yourself and your day. Take your time, use your favorite scented soap, play all your favorite songs, wash your hair while you’re in there, cry it out as well no one’s judging, come out moisturize and notice the immediate change in mood.


If it’s been a tough week the chances are you also haven’t gotten enough sleep in some time. So many times people have heard this but sleep is vital to surviving as a human being and one of the major side effects of not having a good nights sleep is not being able to function properly, headaches, eyes burning and just overall being in a bad mood and not having enough energy. Let’s avoid that and get at least 8 hours of sleep even 10 hours if possible. Trust that you’ll see the difference.

Take Time For Your Inner Kid

Do things that you enjoy doing by yourself. Whether that’s watching your favorite show for the tenth time, coloring in a coloring book, just laying in bed and listening to music. Do something small that you enjoy and brings you clarity and happiness, something that get’s you in a calm state of mind fulfills the kid inside of you. All work and no play can leave us all feeling down.

Turn Off

Most of the time, social media, our phones are what’s draining us. It’s okay to take time away from the phones, they shouldn’t control you so much to the point that not using it for a few hours is a pain to you. Shut it off, tell the people that you need to tell that you’ll talk to them later. Take time to be in the moment with yourself.

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