National Siblings Day 2019: Sisterly Love Explained In 5 GIFs

Siblings. As the older sibling, you most likely didn’t ask for them or maybe you did and had no idea what that entailed. Either way, you still love them. However, the relationship between sisters is a unique one. Sisters fight but sisters also remain tight. No matter how different sisters are from each other as well as other sets of sisters, there are five elements to that relationship that are universal. For National Siblings Day, here are five GIFs that big and little sisters alike will understand.

The Revelation


Remember when your parents first told you that you were going to be a big sister? Some of us rejoiced, and some of us were, uh, not overjoyed. If you were quite young when you found out you were going to be getting a baby sister, you were shook either way. On the one hand, an adorable baby like the dolls we had in our toy boxes and a new person to play with sounded awesome. But then you realized that you had to (and still have to) share. Still love ’em though. As a big sister, a lot of times we felt and still feel contradicting emotions towards our role. One minute you are wondering why your parents couldn’t just let you be an only child. But in the next minute, you’re loving being the big sister and having someone look up to you.

Your Shadow


When you’re the big sister you gain an extra shadow. Whatever you do, she does too. Wherever you go, she comes along too. It’s cute and annoying at the same time. It’s cute when she expresses how much she looks up to you and wants to be just like her older sister. It’s annoying when it ends in her tagging along with you to your destination. As you and your younger sister(s) get older, sisterly outings become a regular occurrence and you begin to prefer each other’s company.

The Protectiveness


You guys fight. You guys argue. You guys might even throw some low blows at each other. But absolutely no one messes with you or your sister except for you. All siblings are protective of each other to some degree. However, with sisters, it is another level. Your sister is off limits to everyone, even other family members. No matter how much you and your sister might not get along, you are ready to go toe to toe with anyone who tries your sister and she is the same when it comes to defending you.

The Brutal Honesty


If you don’t trust anyone else’s opinion, best believe your sister will be there will her honest opinion. At times it’s more brutal than it is honest. It goes without saying that the bond between sisters is a tight one. No one knows you better than your sister; after all, you guys have lived with each other and learned what makes the other tick. It is no secret that sisters can be mean, but great sisterly relationships are rooted in wanting the best for one another. You and your sister want each other to make the best choices possible. You and your sister never want to see each other stuck in bad situations. You and your sister always want each other to look their best because you look like each other.

Your Partner In Crime


It’s true. There is no other best friend like your sister. As individuals, you two are very different people, therefore, you will not always get along. Living under the same roof and constantly being in each other’s space further adds to feelings of irritation. And yet, that’s your girl. She is right there with you in the trenches of whatever you are going through and she is on the sidelines cheering you onward to victory- with the occasional roast to keep you humble.

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