25 Things College Students Think Are Romantic But Definitely Are Not

College students have a funny idea about what romance is. College is a time people seek independence, not romantic relationships.

The result? A hook-up culture that has redefined the meaning of romantic gestures for the years spent on campus. It’s one that certainly sets exceptions low and has paralleled romance with the lowly standard of “not being a douchebag.”

Here are 25 things that college students think are romantic but really are not.

1. When he soberly says “hi” to you on campus.

2. And even says hi to your roommate when he sees her around.

3. When he does not take eternities to text you back.

4. Or even texts you first.

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5. When he sits next you to in class & doodles all over your notes.

6. When he texts you “Where’d ya go” after you left the party he invited you to but didn’t come over to talk to you.

7. When asks you to be beer pong partners for the night.

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8. And those steamy dance floor make outs at parties.

9. When he lets you use the upstairs bathroom.

10. And lets you put your “fracket” safely in his room.

11. When he says he’ll be right back and then actually comes back.

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12. When he remembers something you told him last night.

13. When he gets you a ride home from the party.

14. When he lets you spend the night.

15. When he cleans his room for you.

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16. And then takes you to brunch at the dinning hall.

17. Or has a pledge bring you food while your stuck at the library late at night and all the food options around campus have closed.

18. When he lets you meet his friends from home who are visiting.

19. Or you accidentally meet his parents during parents weekend.

20. When he likes your posts on social media.

21. Or even post a picture with you.

22. When he ask you anything about your life other than whether or not your planning on going out tonight.

23.When he comes over after a night out.

24. When he pays for the drunk food you got from McDonalds.

25. And finally, you know it’s true love if he asks you to his overnight formal.

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