Loey Lane Launches ‘Love AnyBody’ Product Line: Details

YouTuber Loey Lane, known for promoting body positivity and acceptance of all sizes, has amassed over 1.7 million subscribers. After wanting to create a space in the beauty aisle that challenged the “Fix me” idea of skincare products, she decided to start her own body positivity line called Love AnyBody, which launched on April 5th.

“I wanted to create a line that protects and cares for your body, whether helping to avoid chafing or soothing uncomfortable stretch marks, things we all deal with,” Loey said in a press release.

Since launching her channel in 2013, her videos, ranging from paranormal and spooky stories to plus-size fashion and makeup tutorials, have been viewed over 205.8 million times.


Speaking to Allure, Loey said the brand is more about giving your skin love with gentle-yet-effective formulas than trying to erase what makes you, you.

“Love AnyBody’s products address the things we’ve always been taught to view as ‘flaws,’ but are actually totally normal human things everyone deals with on some level,” Loey said. “This line celebrates what makes each size, line, and curve so unique by treating your skin like it deserves to be treated.”

Two products from the Love AnyBody line are formulated to address chafing. The Anti-Chafe Stick is rolled onto areas of the skin where people experience rubbing; it works to decrease friction around the thighs and arms, thereby preventing any painful chaffing. The Anti-Chafe Ointment works to hydrate and soothe any areas where chaffing might have already occurred.  Both products are just $9 each.

The line also includes two items specifically for stretch marks and uneven skin, which help the skin appear more smooth and firm. The Stretch Mark Cream helps soften the skin before applying the Stretch Mark Serum, which helps smooth any uneven texture on the surface. Both products are $11 each.


“We encourage you to be confident, embracing every difference and quirk. We’re making it OK to pamper and protect yourself from concerns we ALL deal with—no matter your body type—like chafing and uncomfortable stretch marks, so you can be the ultimate #BODYBOSS!” the brand posted on Instagram.

Love AnyBody can be found at Target and loveanybody.com.

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