The 5 Must-Have College Dorm Decorations

One of the most exciting parts of going to college is figuring out what aesthetic you want your first dorm room to have. Do you want to match your roommate? Do you want to have a theme? Are you going for a minimalistic look? Maybe there is a certain vibe you want to give off? This is the time where you have complete freedom to decorate your room however you want to reflect who you are. But with that being said, there is absolutely some decor that your dorm must have.

Check out these 5 pieces of decor:

1. Zipcode Design Beanless Air Chair

$35 from Wayfair

Chances are your college dorm is not the size of your living room at home, so when you want to entertain some friends, there won’t be a whole lot of room for guests to sit. Adding a fun beanbag chair to your room not only provides another place for your friends to grab a seat, but it also can act as decor. You can get a simple beanbag chair in any color to match the color scheme of your room.

2. Sketched Floral Medallion Tapestry

$49 from Urban Outfitters

Nothing says college dorm decor like a fun tapestry! Your room decor is a reflection of who you are, so pick a fun tapestry that matches your personality. Whether it’s a picture of the beach, floral print, or has an inspiring quote, it’s the perfect piece of decor to make your room complete. A tapestry can be the centerpiece of your whole room. Pick one of the colors from the tapestry and match your comforter and other accessories to it, it will tie your room together perfectly.

3. Mod Clips String Lights

$20 from Urban Outfitters

These Mod Clip String Lights kill two birds with one stone in terms of your room decor. Not only are string lights the perfect piece of decor but you can also hang pictures from these lights. Adding some pictures to your college dorm will add some individuality to your room and it will also be the perfect reminder of home for when you need it. These lights provide a fun way to display your pictures as opposed to the standard desk frame. You can hang these lights in any part of your room, whether it be above your bed, desk, or even on an empty wall that needs a little pizazz.

4. Dolores Hanging Baskets, Set of 2

$58 from Anthropologie

There is no denying that your dorm room will most likely be lacking in the storage department. So, why not get a piece of decor that can also double as storage? These hanging baskets are absolutely adorable and a great place to store your notebooks, textbooks or stationery supplies. These baskets are available in a blue-green color and a cedar color so you can pick a color that matches your aesthetic.

5. Chelsea Victoria The Queen Butterfly Art Print

$59 from Urban Outfitters

Another great way to express yourself through your dorm decor is by some simple wall art. Adding a piece of art is a fun way to make your room more personalized and unique. Get creative with your wall art, it can be an inspirational quote, a poster of your favorite musician, a painting of your favorite city or just a piece of art that you think describes you. This simple butterfly portrait could make for a great addition to your college dorm room.

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