9 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Girls With Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming less and less of a social taboo. They are becoming more common, particularly in young adults. The stigma surrounding women with tattoos is slowly decreasing as well, and becoming more widely accepted. So what is the social etiquette for asking about women’s tattoos, and what should you avoid bringing up? Here are ten things you DEFINITELY shouldn’t say to girls with tattoos.

What Does Your Boyfriend Think?

Anyone I’m dating will like me for who I am, with or without any ink. Any person worth being invested in will care for you no matter what choices you make with your body. It’s as simple as that.

What Do They Mean?

This one can be a tricky one Unless you know the person really well, and they’re 100% comfortable with you, they may not want to share what their tattoos mean. Sometimes they represent something really deep and meaningful and may be too personal to discuss.

You’ll Regret Those One Day

Tattoos generally aren’t chosen lightly, and they aren’t hurried decisions. It’s not your place to decide if someone will regret the choice they make. Chances are, they’ll love their tattoos all the same when they age.

What Will Your Kids Think?

Any child of mine will be raised to be non-judgmental and considerate. Hopefully, my kids will look at my ink and say, “cool!”

Do Your Parents Approve?

My family raised me to be respectful. It’s none of your business whether my parents approve of the personal choices I made for my own body. (But for the record- they like them!)

I Don’t Like Girls With Tattoos

Well, I don’t think I like you. 

Won’t It Get Saggy When You Get Older?

With any luck, it’ll look just as awesome as it does now. Not only is this rude to point out, it completely neglects the notion that tattoos age as we age. They’re visible signs of our journey in life.

What If You Can’t Get a Job?

Please, it’s 2016. There is less and less stigma surrounding tattoos every day. Besides, any job that thinks a little ink makes me an incapable employee is a job I do not want.

Will You Ever Stop Getting Tattoos?

Maybe, maybe not. But it’s important to show kindness and support for whatever someone decides to do with their body.

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