5 FUN Ways To Spend Your Easter Staycation

With Easter around the corner, many students plan to head home or visit family they have in the area for the holiday. For others, the holiday is more or less a campus staycation. Maybe your family or you personally do not celebrate the holiday. Maybe travel expenses this year are a tad steep. Whatever the reasoning it doesn’t mean that your weekend should be boring. Keep reading for 4 ways to make your Easter staycation fun.

Pre- Easter Potluck

Spread of food on table for potluck


One of the best parts about Easter is the food, especially for college students. The chicken, the mac and cheese, the greens- just *mwah*. A nice alternative from pizza and much cheaper than UberEats, Postmates and Door Dash. A lot of times students who traveled home or visited local family members return with face-splitting grins and a stack of Tupperware filled with leftovers of the homecooked meals prepared by their mothers, grandmothers and aunts.

For your Easter staycation, why should you miss out on the customary feast? Chances are that you are not the only one left on campus for that weekend. If you know of anyone who is remaining on campus, hit them up and ask around some more until you guys assemble a group. With your group plan a pre- Easter potluck. Granted, you guys can even plan a potluck for Easter Sunday if you wish. The idea of the pre-Easter potluck most likely appeals to those who’d rather have some downtime and continue with their lazy Sunday as well as a way to ensure that you’re catching establishments while they’re still open.

With your group, you guys can decide whether or not you’d rather cook your respective dishes in traditional potluck style or make it a group outing to a nearby restaurant. It’s a good way to meet new people on campus and to stock up on leftovers to keep from going hungry for the next week or two.

See The City

Brunette young woman with turquoise dress and purse exploring city


As students, we often get so busy that we barely have time to explore our surroundings outside of campus. With most holidays cities tend to host numerous events within its local limits- check ’em out. If you’ve been meaning to get off campus and explore the area more, Easter-themed events are the perfect way to go. Look up what events your city will be having during Easter weekend and that Sunday. For example, the Easter egg hunt is popular in most cities and depending on your location it may be open to all ages to participate. There are also brunches, festivals, etc. You also don’t have to just attend. If there is still time see if you can volunteer with the event operations.

This route is a great way to keep from getting bored and feeling trapped on campus. You can also meet new people from around the area that you could network with for possible internships or anything really.

Easter Egg Hunt With A Twist

Young blonde woman with festive bunny ears cradling a basket of colorful Easter eggs


An alternative to attending a massive Easter egg hunt in your local area can be once again gathering a group of fellow Easter staycation-ers and hosting your very own Easter egg hunt. But with a twist. Purchase plastic, colorful, hollowed out eggs and fill them with tiny trinkets. Could be candy, could be small supplies like erasers- get creative! Hide them throughout your dorm, apartment or even campus. Spice up the challenge by seeing who finds the most eggs filled with Peeps candies or whoever finds the “special” egg filled with the best prize of them all.

Study Bunnies

Top view of group of students sitting together at table


Easter normally signals that the end is near. The end of the school year that is- not the world. With the school year coming to a close, finals and the big assignments that you kept reassuring yourself that you had time for are all creeping up on you. Most people utilize the weekend of Easter to take a break and relieve some stress with good food. While you’re on campus, use your staycation to get ahead for finals but make it fun.

Create Easter-themed games to help you study. You can do this with a group or by yourself. Print out terms and definitions, place them in different plastic eggs and try to find the correct match in order to test your retention. Reward yourself with candy every time you complete a page or paragraph for that paper. Food is always the perfect incentive.

Party Of 1

Woman sitting on couch, eating pizza and drinking wine


A staycation is still a vacation, therefore it is your time to relax. Decorate your room with Easter decorations, buy yourself an Easter basket full of your favorite candies and trinkets and either cook or order your favorite comfort meal. Give yourself the traditional feel of Easter and being back home with family in a compact way. This is alternative is especially catering towards those who are introverted and need time to recharge from social interaction.

If you are feeling especially homesick, get your comfort meal and Facetime or Skype your family. It will feel like you are right there with them, participating in the Easter Sunday feast from the comfort of your own bed.

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