Deliciously Ella: Baby Gender Revealed & Must-See Details

British food blogger and entrepreneur Ella Woodward, also known as Deliciously Ella, announced she and husband Matthew Mills were expecting back in February. Now the writer has announced the gender.

On Tuesday, April 16th, Ella posted a sweet Instagram of her holding her baby bump, with the caption “24 weeks. Loving feeling her start to wriggle and kick more each day.” Obviously revealing she is expecting a baby girl.

Ella also revealed she’s attending hypnobirthing classes with her husband.

“Love hypnobirthing and the visitations and breathing that go with it,” Ella captioned. “I’m genuinely excited about it now.”

In case you don’t know what hypnobirthing is, it’s a method used to manage pain during childbirth.

Like any other pregnant woman, the blogger said her pregnancy has changed her body confidence, especially when it comes to changes in her clothes sizes.

“Slightly struggling to find any clothes that fit though and my boobs are growing at an extraordinary rate,” Ella wrote. “That knocked my confidence a little the last few days, as I just didn’t feel like myself.”

“After a pep talk from Matt last night and a gorgeous pregnancy yoga class this morning I’m back feeling myself again,” Ella added.

Since posting the photo to Instagram on Tuesday morning for her 1.5 million followers, the image has gained nearly 36,000 likes and rising.

Ella called the experience “completely magic.

“A friend asked what pregnancy is really like and I wanted to share the reality here too,” the soon-to-be-mother wrote. “It’s completely magic, something I’m inordinately grateful to be experiencing but it’s not all glowing rainbows and sparkles, it’s also nausea, bulging boobs and truthfully quite a bit of nervousness too.”

The first time mom also admitted she had a “weird sense of calm amongst the anxiety, a shift in perspective and a sense that everything is already different to what it was.”

Baby Mills is due to make her entrance into the world in August 2019.

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