Jonas Brothers ‘Happiness Begins’: Release Date & Details

Less than halfway through 2019 the Jonas Brothers have managed to reunite, return to the music scene as a band at full force with two singles and it looks like they have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. After nearly a full decade of pursuing solo projects and separate endeavors, the Jonas Brothers announced on April 22, 2019, via their personal and band Twitter and Instagram accounts that they will be releasing their fifth studio album as a band.

Happiness Begins

Using the hashtag #HappinessBegins and just two short phrases following the hashtag: “The album. June 7th.” the Jonas Brothers announced the coming of their new album. The cover art for Happiness Begins features the three brothers lying on their stomachs at the edge of an infinity swimming pool, staring off into the distance of the beautiful southern California scenery in a beautiful cool toned haze.

JoBro fans across the world have been wondering about a potential new album since the release of their single “Sucker” in March of 2019, quickly followed up by “Cool” released on April 5, 2019. While celebrating “Sucker” climbing to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in March, Nick subtly alluded to more to come from the band.

At the very end of the post is written, “This is just the beginning…” and indeed it was. Although longtime fans of the Jonas Brothers were excited about the reunion of the trio and the new music that would come, no one expected an album release so soon- but who’s complaining?

Release Date

With a little over a month until the release date of their new album on June 7, there is a significance to the date to take note of. Although the release of their fourth studio album came a decade prior, the brothers briefly continued to work on music together before taking a hiatus from the band to explore other avenues in 2013.

During the announcement, Kevin Jonas tweeted out: “After 7 years of not working together & finding ourselves we’re back to give you our journey in album form.” After 7 years of working separately and 7 years of growth, it only seems right for the release date to fall on the 7th of June.

Another detail of significance to note is the release of Happiness Begins is just nine days shy of the 10 year anniversary of Lines, Vines and Trying Times which was released on June 16, 2009.

Stay Tuned

Despite Joe’s joke of his favorite tracks on the album being songs number 7 and 10, the band has not released the tracklist for the upcoming album. Until the release of the album, catch the Jonas Brothers performing at the Billboard Music Awards on May 1 as well as an on-stage musical performance for Saturday Night Live on May 11.

Additional details such as the tracklist and or music video teasers regarding the album have not been released. This article will be updated with new information and relevant should it become available.

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