#DinoCats: Must-See Photos & Cute #DragonCut Pictures

Craving an adventurous hairdo but don’t want to risk your signature look? Cat owners all over the world are taking this desire and transferring it to their beloved pets, taking their manes from tame to…enchanted imitations of dragons and dinosaurs!



Owners are buzzing the sides of their cats and shaving the fur on their backs into triangular plates that mimic those of a dinosaur or dragon earning the hairdo the name “dinocut” or “dragoncut”.


Mr. Cheeto

Drool-worthy pictures of this adorable trend are cluttering Instagram newsfeeds as owners share photos of their kittens’ dino and dragon do’s. One popular model of this newly popular look is Mr. Cheeto Meowstache whose owner is one among many who have taken to Instagram with pictures of Mr. Cheeto’s transformation.


This haircut takes a simple stretch and makes it fierce! Mr. Cheeto delivers shade to the camera in posts that are gaining a ton of internet love.


Sadly, Mr. Cheeto passed away in November of 2018 but his newfound internet fame as a dino/dragoncut cat has allowed for his memory to be memorialized.


The Instagram account, @mr_cheeto_meowstache, also follows Gravy, a Persian Tabby, who also wears his fur in the pointed triangular fashion.


Grumpy Cats

While owners may be excited, their cats seem less so as photos surface featuring their lovable but unamused faces.



Internet Backlash

The cats aren’t the only ones who are less than amused by their new haircuts as Instagram users pipe up in the comments of owners’ posts, archiving their disdain.


The Trend Continues

Regardless of some people’s dismay, the trend continues to gain popularity as more and more owners channel their creative expressions.




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