What Is Taylor Swift Announcing On April 29? DETAILS

Everything is kittens and pastel tones according to musician Taylor Swift‘s Instagram, yet she’s set the world aflame with bated breath as we impatiently await whatever it is she’s set to announce on April 26, 2019! But what could it be? Read on to see what fans think!

New Music?

Since Swift posted the countdown on her website, fans have been releasing all sorts of speculations into the universal ethers (a new cat, perhaps?!) with most settling on the idea that Swift is set to release new music come April 26, 2019. This theory piggybacks off of the belief that the pastel postings that began appearing on the musician’s Instagram in February 2019 have been hinting at the theme of a new album and is supported by the all-pastel background of Swift’s countdown.

Super Sleuths


Especially attentive fans also noted a series of posts on Swift’s Instagram beginning in February that alluded to a potential countdown, beginning with a photo of seven palm trees, which fans also thought was a hint that Swift would soon drop her seventh studio album. The images that followed this post were of Swift sitting on the sixth step of a spiral staircase and posing with a fence that had five holes.



13 Day Countdown


After a month of driving fans wild, Swift posted the countdown clock on her website on April 13, 2019, for April 26, 2019, 13 days away–a fitting tribute to her lucky number 13 that so often appears in her music and work. Swift simultaneously posted a photo on Instagram of a bejeweled heart with the caption “4.26” in reference to the mysterious reveal. As the 26th of April draws near, fans are becoming increasingly convinced that Swift’s countdown (which can also be found through the web address: aprilTwentySix.com) will conclude with the release of new music. But what if this is not the case? Will an angry and disappointed mob of Taylor Swift fans be unleashed or will Swift’s reveal prove to be much greater than they ever dreamed?


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