5 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Bold Pant-Suit This Spring

When you think of a pant-suit, you may think it’s out of style, made for older women, professional wear, and overall just not really flattering. But, I am here to prove you wrong. First off, a pant-suit excludes confidence and power. Secondly, there are so many things you can do to take your average pant-suit and turn it into a fun, trendy, and sexy outfit for the day.

This spring season, the power pant-suit is here to stay. So check out these 5 fashionable ways to wear a bold pant-suit this season.

1. Dress it down


Just because you are wearing a pant-suit doesn’t mean that you have to feel like you are going into an important business meeting. Finding a good balance between dressy and casual is ideal this spring season. Find a pant-suit that you love and dress it down with a pair of white sneakers. That sends the message that you are clearly wearing this fabulous pant-suit as a fashion statement and not for professional reasons.

2. Find a fun color


You’re obviously wearing a pant-suit because you want to make a statement, so take it to the next level by finding a pant-suit in a fun and flattering color. This way, your outfit doesn’t look boring, it looks fun and fresh. For the spring season, you can go any which way in terms of color. If you are more subtle,  try some pastel colors like a light pink or sky blue. If you are someone with a sense of style that is bold, rock a bright red or a fun yellow.

3. Add a bra top


Kourtney Kardashian has proved herself to be the queen of the sexy pant-suit, so we are taking all of our style advice from her here. If you want to rock a pant-suit for a fun night on the town, add a bra top to complete your look. This is a fun way to spice up your simple pant-suit and add a bit of flare. Since a pant-suit consists of a blazer and pants, you will need a top under it.  Whether you decide to button up or leave your blazer unbuttoned, either one will be equally flattering.

4. Crop it


You don’t have to take the word pant-suit so literally in the fashion world. When people reference a pant-suit, they are simply referring to a matching blazer and bottom. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pants. With that being said, show off some leg and crop that pant-suit into a blazer and a matching skirt or short. For a hot spring day, this is an absolutely perfect look. This will make you stand out amongst all the other girls rocking their go-to pant-suit this spring.

5. Mix and match


Mixing and matching is always fun in terms of styling an outfit, but it looks even better when you do it intentionally. It adds some creativity to your look and makes the outfit look more put together. Start by finding either a blazer or a pair of pants that have a bold pattern and vibrant colors. Once you find the staple top or bottom, go searching for the other part of the outfit that will add a nice contrast. Pull out a color from the pattern on your top or bottom and use that to find the matching item. If you are someone who isn’t really into the whole monochromatic look, then the idea of mixing and matching your pant-suit should sound great to you.

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