Here’s What to Wear to Your Big’s Wedding this Spring

If you made the life-altering decision to rush a sorority in college than you’ve probably learned by now that “going greek,” provides you with a top-notch second-family…  a family full of sisters, that is.

But out of all of your new sisters, every sorority girl knows that there’s one sister, in particular, who will always come first. And that sister is your big. From gifting you the kind of care packages that dreams are made of to being the ultimate shoulder to lean on and your biggest cheerleader in life, the bond between a big and her little is unparalleled.

That’s why, when your big’s wedding day rolls around, you have to step up and give her what she never failed to give you: a shoulder to lean on. In other words, you are her go-to gal for all things wedding related. And between helping her find the perfect wedding cake, supporting her in the decision to splurge on flowers, and squealing your heart out when she finally says yes to the dress, being the little of an engaged big is pretty much a full-time job.

And let’s not forget your final responsibility: looking fabulous on your big’s wedding day. Because there’s no denying that the photos you take with your big on her special day will end up all over Instagram and probably framed in both of your homes one day, too. So it’s important to look your best.

Here are 3 outfit ideas that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous on your big’s big day.

  1. Classic “LBD”

If your big is having an evening wedding, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress. The biggest advantage of the LBD is that you probably already have the perfect one hanging in your closet — so it won’t break the bank.  But even if you don’t own a little black dress, it’s not a bad idea to pick one up for the wedding. It might not be cheap, but you’ll definitely get the chance to wear it again in the future.

Pairs well with: Nude heels or wedges

  1. Vintage dress

If practicality was never your forte, then a little black dress might not be for you. Instead, why not opt for a circa 1950s vintage dress? This one by Modcloth, with its sash-tied waist, snazzy lapels, and patch pockets, would be a perfect choice for a morning or afternoon wedding. You could also try heading over to your local thrift store. Who knows —  you might find something similar at a much lower price?

Pairs well with: Platform wedges and statement earrings

  1. A Killer Jumpsuit

If you’ve been known to have a little too much fun on the dance floor, it might be best to wear a jumpsuit to your big’s wedding.  After all, it would be silly to let your dance moves be held back by the limitations that come with wearing a dress, right?

The biggest perk to jumpsuits is that they’re becoming much more mainstream than they once were, so there are cute jumpsuits available at every price point.  You can spend less than 20 bucks at T.J. Maxx or $150  at Anthropologie, and you’ll look great no matter what. Plus, there’s a jumpsuit for every occasion. If your big is having a swanky evening wedding, you could go with a classic black number. Or if she’s having an afternoon garden wedding, you could go for a more colorful, floral jumpsuit.

Pairs well with: Mules or lace-up wedges

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