While You’re Busy Worrying About Loans, This Student Got Offered $3.7 Million In Scholarships

Hard work doesn’t always earn its just rewards, but in the case of International High School of New Orleans senior Antoinette Love, 18, diligence paid off in the sum of the collective $3.7 million in scholarships she has been offered from the 115 colleges and universities that accepted her nationwide. According to a report issued by her high school, the total dollar amount of Love’s earned scholarships equals more than any other anticipated college freshman of 2019.


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Love comments that she achieved the scale of her acceptances through tenacity, beginning the college application process in September of 2018 and not stopping until her mailbox was near bursting with more letters of acceptance and offers of financial aid than she could count on her hands and feet!

Love elaborates on her technique, saying, “I started applying in September, and just kept applying and applying until my tiny mailbox at home was suddenly overflowing with letter after letter and dozens of scholarship offers.”


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Love is more than tenacious, she is also a conscientious student, a fact proven by her additional enrollment in courses at a local community college, her 3.5 grade point average and her participation in several of her high school’s honor societies.

Of her 115 acceptances, Love gushes, “this really is a dream come true. All my hours of studying, writing and classes have paid off in the best possible way and I can’t wait to move forward and start my college education.”

Over the course of her four years at IHSONO, Love has become a part of the National Senior Beta Club, the National Honor Society, the National English Honor Society, and Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society. This legacy has left IHSONO’s Head of School, Sean Wilson, to reflect upon Love as a “hard-working scholar who is eager to help her colleagues with their work.”

Eager To Help

Love is eager to lend her compassion and abilities to all those who surround her, not only helping her classmates and peers, but also her young parents as they struggle to raise her four younger siblings. Raging in ages from nine to fifteen, Love’s fifteen-year-old brother suffers from cystic fibrosis, a condition that has lent to the difficulty of Love’s personal life.

A Struggle To Survive

Love’s parents Yolanda and Anthony gave birth to Love when they were only 15 and 17 respectively, leaving them no time to attend college. Yolanda reflects upon the myriad of difficulties that surrounded Love’s birth and childhood, remarking that Love came six weeks prematurely and weighed less than four and a half pounds when she was born. Survival during Love’s first few years continued to be tentative as she was violently attacked by a dog at age two. Love walked away from the incident alive but scathed with a scar diagonally slashed into the right side of her forehead that is now unnoticeable to the untrained eye when not covered by perfectly coifed bangs.

First-Generation College Student

Despite these challenges, Love will become the first member of her family to go to college when the next semester commences in August. Love’s successes have even motivated her parents to consider returning to school. However, which college Love will eventually attend is still to be decided. Love begins visiting schools as the decision deadline of May first fast approaches.



Sage Advice

True to form, Love couldn’t help but use her newfound platform to leave fellow students with some sage advice, warning them to only pay for applications to schools they “really want to attend.” Otherwise, Love suggests that students look for as many application fee waivers as possible to keep costs low.

While known to be a talented painter, Love wants to study elementary education to continue her life’s work of helping others.

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