This Was A Historic Week For The Representation Of Women In Blockbusters

In one of the most highly-anticipated weekends in the history of pop culture, both Marvel Studios and HBO dropped their Mona Lisas as Avengers: Endgame hit theaters and the epic Game of Thrones episode “The Long Night” finally aired.

And with these two monumental pop cultural moments came a representation of female heroes unlike anything we’ve ever seen in projects of this size.

Warning: spoilers for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Avengers: Endgame’ will follow the GIFs.

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In Endgame, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes gathered to save the planet from the finger-snapping fate of Thanos, it was Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel who was far and away the strongest Avenger.

In the first act, as the Avengers are plotting their course of action at their headquarters, it’s the confidence and will of Carol Danvers that inspires the team to take the fight to Thanos.

And while that trip to the Garden of Thanos ultimately proves fruitless, Captain Marvel more than backs up her worth in the final fight scene, as she single-handedly takes down Thanos’ massive death ship, while also being the only one to eat a punch from the Mad Titan and not even flinch.

Not only that, but it was Captain Marvel who was at the forefront of what will long be remembered as the iconic A-Force moment.

Similarly, and perhaps more impressively, was Arya Stark’s Air Jordan moment during the Game of Thrones battle-epic episode “The Long Night”, as it’s the Stark — who made waves last week with her racy yet empowering sex scene —  who ultimately delivers the kill shot to the Night King, who was an otherwise seemingly indestructible force of omnipotent evil up until this point.

Just as all hope seemed lost, it was Arya who combined planning, execution, bravery, and skill to end the existential war against the dead — not Jon Snow, not the Hound, not Ser Jorah — Arya, the once-young girl who didn’t want to marry a high-lord because “that’s not me.”

And we haven’t even mentioned the heroics of fellow Thrones heroines such as Brienne of Tarth, Daenerys Targaryen, and Lyanna Mormont — who all delivered true tear-jerking moments of bravery during Game of Thrones climactic episode.

To the credit of Game of Thrones, the Arya decision was not some last-minute, made-for-TV crowd-pleasing moment, as they said in the Inside The Episode that they’ve known the fate of the youngest Stark girl for about three years now.

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