7 Useful Last-Minute Graduation Gift Ideas For Any Grad

Graduation season is upon us, and if you are reading this article it has probably snuck up on you. We all know of someone who is graduating and moving onwards to the next step in their education and or lives. Whether they be graduating high school, undergrad or post grad it is customary to congratulate their hard work with a gift. If you are here, you either ran out of ideas or you are steadily running out of time to find the perfect gift for the grad you have in mind, especially if they’re your best friend. Not to worry, here is a list of seven last-minute graduation gifts that will work for any other graduate in your life.

1. The Gift of Time

Model wearing stylish white round sunglasses, wrist, hand watch


It may seem as though no one born after 1984 wears wrist watches as a day to day staple anymore, thus rendering the functional accessory obsolete in the eyes of some. However, a wristwatch is the perfect accessory to complete a business ensemble. This gift is perfect for those graduating from any educational level, especially undergrad and post-grad. It is a classic sign of entering the formal realm of adulting. The good part about this gift is that it is easy to access a wide range of styles and prices. You can go simple with a nice accent watch from your favorite department store; be as extra to get the graduate in question a watch from Rolex if you really love them, or you could even go as high tech with an Apple Watch. Whatever you choose always consider the personal style of the grad in question to make the gift all the more authentic.

2. Upgraded Baggage

Red leather bag against blue background


After years of lugging around an overflowing book bag that most likely contributed to early on set back pains, it is time for a change. What better gift to give your bestie than a new bag as a graduation gift? Like the idea above, there is a lot of room and ambiguity to this gift idea. To get the most utility out of this gift idea, go for a large, sturdy leather tote. It is a stylish way for your grad to carry their essentials such as books, laptop or tablet, and snacks.

3. Informative Reading

woman reading a book isolated over white background


Your graduating friend in question is not only graduating from school but into their next stage in life. Sometimes they need some guidance and or inspiration for things that they may not be aware that they are not fully prepared for. That is where this gift idea comes in. Give your friend the gift of knowledge with books such as Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown.

4. Capture The Moment


If your graduating friend is on the sentimental side, a way for them to capture the memories of their graduation, the party and everything else in between would make an awesome gift. A Polaroid camera may seem like a strange gift for graduation, however, your friend will appreciate in the long run. It is the gift of nostalgia and the ability to capture happy moments in the moment and or in the foreseeable future as they continue their journey.

5. Block Out The Noise

Nowadays headphones are not optional- they are essential. More than likely the average person has at least two pairs in their possession- maybe three is you want to count Airpods. While extra earbuds are always appreciated, noise canceling headphones make a great gift for graduating friends who enjoy gaming, creating music, editing videos or just want to block out the sounds of the world for a while.

6. Set It In Metal

Another good gift for the sentimental. Show your graduating friend that you cherish who they are as a person and or show a little encouragement with an engraved gift. If you have time, order a necklace with their nickname or a simple word that they can use as a mantra for motivation and hope as they transition onwards in their education and in life. For an alternative to this idea, head to your local Things Remembered store or website and select one of their many engravable products that you think would be of use or to the liking of the graduate. This alternative will allow you more room to be creative.

7. You Got That Bubbly

Bottles of champagne in bucket of ice


If you are “the day of” last minute, as in “the ceremony or party starts in next hour” last minute, this just might be the gift for you. This gift is for those who can legally obtain it as well as legally consume it. Locate the nearest specialty alcohol store and inquire about their selections of sparkling wines. If you want to be a bit extra, go for the champagne- the real thing from the province of Champagne in northeastern France. Other alternatives include Prosecco and Brut. If your graduating friend doesn’t drink but you want to keep this theme in mind, go to the nearest Sugarfina or head to their website and create an aesthetically pleasing gift box with their famous champagne bears, sparkling rose bears and bubbly bears. The candies are flavored like the alcohol, however, the alcohol is burned out during the baking process.


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