Ohio Student Banned From Prom After Racist Promposal

One high school student looking forward to his prom took his excitement too far when he turned his promposal into a racial slur. The student, who will remain unnamed due to his minor status, decorated a poster with the statement: “If I was black I’d be picking cotton but I’m white so I’m picking u for prom”. Spelled out in colorful block letters, the message’s insidious content is dressed up in inappropriate whimsy. It is unclear whether this was an intentional strategy employed by the student in question to misdirect those who observed the poster. However, considering that a picture of the teenager and his date posing with the sign was posted on Facebook, it is more believable that the student had no understanding of the impact of his words.

Banned From Prom

Racist poster


A student in the Clear Fork Valley district of Ohio, the Clear Fork Valley superintendent, Janice Wyckoff, spoke out against the promposal, declaring it “awful”. Wyckoff told Fox8, “Kids need to understand, when you’re celebrating things it doesn’t give you a pass on using an inappropriate racial slur.” While the student’s date was from another school district, the student himself has been banned from attending his prom as a consequence for his ill-chosen method of promposing. The student also received a slew of negative responses from those who viewed the image of the promposal that was posted on Facebook, leading the student to eventually remove the photo.

A Pattern Of Racism

Anti-semitic poster



This most recent racist promposal is part of an unfortunate series of promposals that employed the same horrific statement, the incidents taking place in schools in Arizona early in 2019, as well as Michigan, Florida and Missouri in 2018. Another occurrence of racism among high school students being proliferated through date proposals took place in Minnesota when one student asked another to a Valentine’s Day event with a poster that read: “Sweethearts would be a Hit(ler) w/you, and I could Nazi myself going w/anybody else. Be Mein? Yes or Nein”. The teen girl recipient of the proposal posted a picture of the poster on social media, bolstering its racism with the qualifying statement: “Also I would like to state I am not anti-Semitic in any way, I hate all races equally.”

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