Woman Passes Out Pamphlet to Family Explaining That She’s Going on a Date While on Vacation

Some families take helicopter-parenting to the extreme, nose-diving into a jagged pile of unwanted questions. Mary Beth Barone, 27, figured out a genius way to interrupt this crash landing when she was presented with the predicament of going out on a date with a boy her family had never met…while on vacation with 30 overbearing family members in Florida.

The Impending Date


Living in New York, Barone attended a wedding there a few weeks prior to her family’s vacation. As circumstance would have it, she met a man from the very destination where her family was headed, so they did they only reasonable thing two single, young people would do and set a date to meet in Miami. However, Barone was wracked with nerves when the day of their date began to round the corner and she thought about having to tell her family where she was going for the day. Barone explains that, while her family is very open and loving in a positive way, it can result in unwanted and unappreciated nosiness, especially when it comes to dating! But Barone admits that, while she complains about her family’s invasive tendencies, she is equally guilty. She told Buzzfeed reporters while laughing, “I’ll ask anyone in my family an invasive question and I expect an answer.”

The Pamphlet

Regardless of her own guilt, Barone sought to circumvent the onslaught of questions she knew were about to come her way. Complaining to her sister about her unhappy situation, Barone’s sister jokingly suggested that she make a pamphlet predicting her family’s questions and providing answers to them. But being a comedian and appreciating humor, Barone did indeed bring this suggestion to fruition, creating a pamphlet entitled, “I’m Going on a Date While We’re on Vacation: Here’s everything you don’t actually need to know but definitely will ask.” Inside, she addressed questions regarding the man’s identity, the details of their romance so far, where they were going and other mundane concerns, such as parking availability, that her family may have had. Ending the pamphlet with an image of a dog and a fun-fact about her date, Barone left her family in smiles. 

Ease Through Over-Communication


Barone says her family reacted well to her chosen method of informing them, finding it funny, but also informative. She told Buzzfeed, “Everyone felt informed and comfortable, which was the goal. know that all their questions come from a place of love and caring, and I was glad I could ease any worries by over-communicating.” But her over-communication didn’t stop there, Barone also let her family know when she safely arrived at the location of her date via text.

Shared On Twitter

Although the date reportedly went well, Barone became an undeserving victim of ghosting only a few weeks later. While the man is no longer in the picture, the pamphlet has been immortalized by its popularity on Twitter. Posting her pamphlet to inspire others, Barone succeeded as many users of the social media platform responded in awe, appreciation, and laughter. One user even shared a Christmas card she had made with the same intention of getting ahead of her family’s questions. She captioned the card: “Yes I’m single again. No, I don’t want to talk about it. Happy Holidays!”


Will this inspire you before your next date?

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