Gucci’s New Lipstick Ad Encourages The Celebration Of Imperfections

Gucci Beauty’s new campaign for the launch of 58 lipsticks, the brand’s first cosmetics launch under creative director Alessandro Michele, aims to challenge what’s considered conventionally beautiful. According to the brand, Michele’s vision for the line is to represent complete liberty and self-expression. As more and more ads are embracing these contents, they are more reflective than ever of the women buying the products they’re selling. And Gucci Beauty’s new campaign ‘conveys a clear message that authentic beauty lies in imperfection.’

‘Authentic Beauty Lies In Imperfection’

The campaign features four closeup diverse models on print images, as well as a video inspired by ’80s infomercials. Of the bunch, the most eye-catching is of a closeup of a model and singer, Dani Miller’s teeth. The teeth with large gaps are proudly on display with a smile.

These campaign ads are inspiring and appreciating the display of unconventional beauty.  This is exceptional because they are launched from one of the largest and most prestigious fashion houses in the world. Unlike past successful models campaigned by other brands like Slick Woods and Georgia May Jagger, the other three images, within the Gucci Beauty’s campaign, feature more real and raw poses uncommon in beauty ads such as snarling and a model sticking out her tongue, rather than a forced smile or a sexy pout.

Miller wrote a heartfelt caption about her journey to self-acceptance and the pressures of fitting in on her Instagram, ‘Growing up you go through an evolution of overcoming insecurity’s and healing from being bullied or the intense pressures of fitting in the perfect cookie cutter traditional style of beauty and this @guccibeauty campaign celebrating me and my friends own style of beauty has felt like a coming out party and a reiteration of feeling comfortable and proud to be myself. A celebration for the beautiful freaks shedding even more of my insecurity’s and doubts, there is space for everyone to be themselves even in the beauty and fashion world! Hope it inspires everyone, especially the youth, to love their quirks even more and feel beautiful and powerful with their true self! Hate and exclusion is so washed out.’

The responses from the media regarding both Miller’s and Gucci’s posts on their stand on challenging the beauty standards from such a huge brand are of mixed reviews. There seems to be some negativity about the photo. Negative comments are sending messages that the ad image does not make people want to purchase the lipstick. They are even ‘calling out’ Gucci for promoting unhealthy habits.

This issue comes to show that society is still fixed on conventional beauty standards. Today people are accepting women of diversity-that look ‘different’, but only in specific ways. The only way change will happen is through brands’ using their platforms to showcase that beauty comes in many forms. And Gucci is a great place to start.

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