Top 5 Spring Makeup Trends: Inspired from 2019 Fashion Week

Every season is an opportunity for you to show off the latest trends in makeup. In the winter you may wear a darker shade of lipsticks and eye shadow, but in the spring, you might want to trade this look for vibrant colors and higher to bring out your skin’s glow so here are 5 of the latest trends even top fashion models are using:

Taste the Rainbow:

rainbow eyeshadow


Time to put away the neutral eyeshadow pallet because you’ll want to use vibrant colors for spring. This look will not only make your eyes pop but your selfies as well.  Depending on the colors you choose simply places the shades in concentrated areas on your eye. It’s easier to do this with a fluffy makeup brush to blend.

Monochromatic Makeup

To save yourself some time on finding shades that will complement each other, using one or two tones that are similar could help.  Go for pastels that’ll work for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Less is more, so doing the minimum can go a long way, especially to give off that natural look in the spring.


Healthy, Clean Skin

This is an important step you should follow every day to keep your skin healthy, and it helps prevent makeup from building up. In fact, some of the biggest names in the makeup industry decided that clean surface be part of spring’s makeup trend.

Try using a face wash that has no harsh chemicals and applies a face moisturizer afterward. This may help prevent your skin from feeling dry or any future acne. When the weather is hot, it becomes easier for the foundation to slide down your face, instead ditch the foundation and use concealer for spots you want to be covered.

Glowing Skin



A popular makeup trend for spring is about making your skin glow and look healthy with a natural appearance.  It may be helpful to use higher to enhance your cheekbones and forehead, but not with powder highlighters. Makeup artists suggest using liquid or cream highlighter if you want to have a natural glow.

Or using bronzer may be an alternative, depending on your preference.  Applying minimum bronzer with a dash of a highlighter will give you a sun-kissed appearance.

Neon Lips

colorful lips


Make a statement using your lips by applying bright neon color lipsticks or gloss.  Choose a shade that works best for your complexion, even if you decide to go make-up free adding neon lipstick can make you stand out of the crowd.

Woman Passes Out Pamphlet to Family Explaining That She’s Going on a Date While on Vacation
Woman Passes Out Pamphlet to Family Explaining That She’s Going on a Date While on Vacation
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