YouTuber Throws Birthday Bash That Leaves 9 Girls Hospitalized

YouTube star Jake Paul, 22, threw a birthday party for rapper Desiigner on May 4, 2019, that resulted in multiple young girls being shepherded to the hospital half-naked and supposedly under the influence of drugs. Posting in the private Facebook forum “Moms of Conejo Valley,” the mother of a young girl who attended Paul’s bash claimed that her daughter and eight other girls were hospitalized after attending the party.


The mother reports that “the girls were all half naked and unable to walk or talk” coherently, leading her to believe that something was put in their drinks during the course of the party. The mother also shares that guests were asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement before entering the party, a detail she believes will potentially inhibit victims of the possible druggings to report their experiences. However, another mom on the forum reassuringly commented that a non-disclosure agreement would not prevent “illegal happenings” from being unearthed by authorities.

Documented On Instagram


Hosted by Paul in his mansion located in Calabasas, California, the party was attended by stars such as Bella Thorne, Chris Brown, Tana Mongeau, Trey Songz and Lamar Odom. While guests did sign NDAs, the party was exhaustingly recorded on Instagram and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department denies receiving any reports of guests being drugged at YouTuber Paul’s home on May fourth.


The only injury that was documented in connection with Paul’s party was that of an elderly neighbor who fell after being scared by the party’s loud music while in her own home. However, Station 68 of the Los Angeles County Fire Department posted a photograph of an ambulance outside of Paul’s home on Instagram along with a caption explaining that they spent the majority of May 4, 2019, “transporting multiple patients from a party thrown by YouTuber @jakepaul”. Suspiciously, the post has been removed from Instagram and Station 68’s entire Instagram profile has been deleted.


A Cover-Up?

While the original poster in the Facebook page “Moms of Conejo Valley” states that an unknown substance was put into the drinks of the girls who were hospitalized after attending Paul’s party, West Hills Hospital has yet to comment on whether they detected drugs in the girls’ bloodstreams upon medical examination. Moreover, while the mother involved in the potential scandal announced in her Facebook post that she will be reporting the incidents that occurred on May fourth to the authorities, she does not directly implicate Paul in the alleged druggings.


It is also unclear as to whether the mother has already reported the incident to the Los Angeles Police Department and, if so, whether police officers have already begun an investigation into the incident. However, the removal of Station 68’s post regarding Paul’s party is grounds for wondering whether local Los Angeles police will attempt to cover up any potential scandal in connection with Paul’s party. The party, replete with champagne and eye-catching attractions such as a boxing ring in the backyard and a dirt bike stunt show, is now under the watchful eyes of daily mail reporters who have attempted to make contact with Paul’s Team 10 company, the 1,700 members of “Moms of Conejo” and West Hills Hospital for more information.

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