Modern Family Final Season: Release Date & Must-See Details

Head honcho of Modern Family Steve Levitan revealed to The Hollywood Reporter (THR) that season 10 is not the end! Luckily for all the die-hard Modern Family fans, the series has been renewed for an eleventh and final season. But where will Levitan take the final season after the neat wrap up that concluded season 10? To all those who have yet to watch the season 10 finale, be warned that the following contains season 10 spoilers!

Season 10 Finale

Season 10 of Modern Family wrapped with what Levitan admitted could have been the series finale, rather than merely the second to last season’s finale. After setting in motion the narrative arc in which Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland) and her boyfriend and series regular Dylan (Reid Ewing) become pregnant with twins, Levitan said he felt forced to conclude season 10 with the birth of the twins, although he confessed it would have made for a great series finale. Levitan told THR, “we had set in motion this pregnancy and so that was time sensitive. So, in a weird way, forced our hand to play something out that could have been played out as a series finale, but that’s OK.” The final episode of season 10 followed the Pritchett-Dunphy clan over the course of a year as each family member celebrates their birthday–the denouement to this flurry of birthdays being the birth of Haley and Dylan’s twins.

Renewed For Season 11

Originally thinking season 10 was the end, Levitan didn’t anticipate a season 11. However, as season 10 of Modern Family began to come to a close, people started questioning Levitan about the possibility of one more season. Once this discussion was raised, Levitan says the final decision was simple: “the studio wanted it, the network wanted it. The cast seemed happy and eager to do it. Our crew certainly wanted it. So we were open to it at that point.” Levitan admitted that his only concern was whether the series could still conclude with a strong ending if they continued on to produce an eleventh season. Determining in the affirmative, Levitan moved forward with plans for one last season.

What Will Season 11 Hold?

When asked by THR if he has any concrete plans for season 11, Levitan explained that the beginning of June will be the time that he, co-creator Christopher Llyod and Modern Family writers will get together to discuss potential story arcs for season 11. Now that Haley has had her twins, Levitan acknowledges that one aspect of season 11 will focus on the addition to the Pritchett-Dunphy clan. Levitan extrapolated on this anticipated plot point when speaking to THR, stating: “one of the arcs for next season will just be Dylan, Haley and these two new babies living in the Dunphy house, and how it affects that household and everybody in it. We will keep her working so that it’s not easy and everybody has to help out a little bit. So that’s a good place to start, that there’s going to be literally some new life into that house. We have a couple of other ideas for the other two households as well. That’s how we start it, and then we had to begin aiming toward in what we think our ending might be.”

Anticipated Season 11 Finale

While Levitan and Lloyd haven’t landed on a solid place to conclude the series, Levitan emphasized that their main focus is to end strong, telling THR “we want to honor the show and honor it in the right way, making the audience really feel like that was a journey worth taking from beginning to end, but there will be buckets of tears as we get there.” Season 11 will most likely air in September of 2019.

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