Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2020 Special: Must-Know Details

It’s not over! Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is coming back for one more episode! Just when you were ready to put away your mourning garb sported since the close of Unbreakable three months prior, Netflix announced the series’s return May 8, 2019. Netflix explained that it is reuniting with series creators Tina Fey and Robert Carlock for an interactive special set to air sometime in 2020! Ellie Kemper (Kimmy Schmidt), Tituss Burgess (Titus Andromedon), Jane Krakowski (Jaqueline White) and Carol Kane (Lilian Kaushtupper) will all come together again for the star-studded special.

New Laughs

The special, interactive as it will be, will enable viewers to make choices that will determine the episode’s outcome. The first original Netflix comedy series, Unbreakable will live up to its name and continue to break Netflix traditions becoming the first interactive comedy event to air on the streaming service. While similar to the Black Mirror film that aired on Netflix, Bandersnatch, in viewers’ ability to make decisions for the characters on screen, the decisions viewers make during the Unbreakable special will have more light-hearted consequences. Netflix shared that different choices will result in different hilarious storylines and the hijinks that accompany them, allowing viewers to watch the special over and over again, reveling in the new laughs they uncover with each new choice!

A Second Chance At An Ending

The series special will provide viewers the satisfaction of not one but multiple new endings to the series that concluded their final season with storylines viewers found to be less than sufficient. Jumping to the year 2023, viewers found Kimmy turning her 15-year experience as a mole woman into a children’s book turned hit series turned real-life amusement park entitled “Legends of Greemulax” that teaches boys how to grow up to be better than their predecessors. Kimmy’s old boss Jacqueline has found real love with a rival talent agent (Zachary Quinto) who’s blind and thus able to see Jacqueline’s inner beauty. Titus has also found lasting love and is shown married to his on again off again boyfriend, Mikey (Mike Carlsen). Titus has also realized his dream of being a musical theater star after landing the role of Rafiki on Broadway. The last piece of the puzzle, Lillian, always a rough and tumble New Yorker, becomes the voice of the MTA subway system after surviving the explosion that destroys her apartment. While unclear where Fey and Carlock will take the series special, it will most likely take place in 2023 and allow for the elaboration of these previously and less than satisfactorily concluded storylines.

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