15 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Be Exchanged

The month of May is already here which could only mean Mother’s Day is around the corner. If you haven’t highlighted, circled, and set yourself a digital calendar reminder for Sunday, May 12, we recommend doing that right now because it is fast approaching. Shopping for Mom may not be the easiest task, therefore we’re here to help find those perfect gifts for any type of mother you have in your life.

Here are 15 of the best gift ideas that are sure to make the 2019 edition of Mother’s Day her most memorable one yet:

1. Diptyque Hourglass 2.0 Diffuser – $180.00

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Diptyque has reinvented the concept of home fragrance with the hourglass-shaped diffuser. Each side holds three months’ worth of fragrance that fills a whole room with scent in just 10 minutes flat. Let your mom enjoy a delightful sensory experience: the diptyque hour.

2. Away Carry-On Luggage – $225.00

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Meet the perfect carry-on. If your mom enjoys traveling, gift her a one of a kind hard-shelled carry-on that is designed to last a lifetime with a built-in ejectable battery so she can charge her phone while she’s waiting for her flight. Sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines, it’s thoughtfully designed to last a lifetime—and guaranteed for it too.

3. The Citizenry Halston Pourover Set – $195.00

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If your mom loves nothing better than slow mornings sipping on freshly brewed pour over coffee, this Halston Pourover Set from The Citizenry is the way to go. Hand-thrown and glazed in a Dublin, Ireland, studio, this unique set complete with two artisanal oversized mugs and custom pour over, as functional as they are beautiful, is even safe for the dishwasher and microwave and designed with an easy-to-hold handle.

4. Smeg Pasta Roller and Cutter Set – $269.95

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For any mothers that love making homemade pasta, turn her SMEG stand mixer into an automatic pasta maker with this attachment set. In minutes, she can roll out a sheet of silky-smooth pasta dough then cut it into perfect strands of fresh fettuccine or tagliolini. And with a roller included of eight settings for rolling out fresh pasta dough to the desired thickness, she’ll go bananas in the kitchen.

5. Casper Glow Lights – $129.00

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The Casper Glow Light is designed to help you fall asleep because it gives off an ambient, warm hue that slowly gets dimmer so you can be lulled to sleep without interruptions. While the light has an app to help you personalize the whole experience, it definitely wouldn’t be considered a difficult-to-use smart-home device — even a mom who struggles with technology would find it simple to use.

6. Succulent Studios Subscription – $10/Month

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If your mom isn’t the greatest with taking care of plants, then we recommend gifting her with a subscription to Succulent Studios. Each month, she’ll receive two unique eight-week-old succulents in 100% plastic-free packaging with biodegradable pots that have been specially curated based on seasonality and durability. They are perfect for any homes, apartments, offices, or dorms. Plus, each box comes with care instructions to make sure that she knows exactly what to do to keep her new plant babies alive.

7. Winc Unwind with Chardonnay Set – $70.00

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For moms that are Chardonnay lovers, before getting committed to a wine subscription with her, get her the Unwind with Chardonnay gift box from the brand which includes the 2016 Salient Chardonnay (Erica’s Vineyard Carneros) and a light, woodsy, oakmoss and liquid amber Baxter of California White Wood candle. The candle will last for 80 hours; the wine will go much, much quicker.

8. Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe – $99.00

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Warmer weathers calls for a swap of your mother’s bulky robe for a lighter one. We recommend this 100% Turkish cotton one from Parachute that comes in white, blush, and gray. Let your mom lounge like she means it in these soft, light and luxurious, super comfy robes designed to have a relaxed, comfortable fit.

9. This Works Sleep Over Kit – $28.00

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This limited-edition kit from This Works includes a soothing rollerball, hydrating pillow spray, and nourishing sleep balm that your mom will love to use right before her head hits the pillow every night. Each formula includes essential oils, like lavender and chamomile, that quell anxiety and help you fall asleep faster.

10. Bearaby The Napper – $259.00

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Why not gift your mom a hand-woven weighted blanket, made with nothing else than layer upon layer of soft organic cotton – cozy, chunky and delightfully heavy. These weighted blankets by Bearaby promote relaxation and a night of restful sleep — exactly why Mom would love her very own.

11. Sunday Forever Galaxy Geode Ring Dish – $28.00

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These super precious extra special crystal ring dishes are naturally made and no two of these natural geode dishes are alike. The same could be said about our moms so gift her something unique as these limited quantity ring dishes. As a nod to her unflinching originality, give yours a gorgeous place to store her precious rings.

12. Lipstick Queen Mornin’ Sunshine – $25.00

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What’s more bizarre than gifting your mom a yellow lipstick? But don’t worry it’s not actually yellow. Instead, it’s a peachy coral that adapts to lips’ pH. Because of this, it flatters everyone. It’s like buying her a custom lipstick without having to figure out what shade flatters her skin tone best. Packed with Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil, it’s as hydrating as it is fun.

13. Youth To The People Superfood Mask – $44.00

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No one’s got time for a juice cleanse, or at least we know that we don’t. Let Mom reap the benefits of the leafy stuff with this creamy mask. It’s basically like green juice for your face but containing bioactive microalgae for a refreshed look in only 15 minutes.

14. Lord Jones Limited-Edition Mother’s Day CBD Gummies – $50.00

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Gift your mom a delectable gift that will deliver a calm sense of well being. Lord Jones’ Limited Edition Apricot Rose Mother’s Day CBD oil Gumdrops combine the delicate tart flavor and sweetness of apricot with a hint of rose for a unique and delightful palate sensation. This limited-edition box even comes adorned with a handmade paper corsage for her to keep long after the gummies are gone.

15. Farmgirl Flowers Every Mother Counts – $89.00

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Your mom will love any bouquet of flowers from you, but we’re sure she’ll adore this bundle from Farmgirl Flowers. Every time someone purchases these flowers, $10 is donated to Every Mother Counts, which works to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, everywhere. Plus, the 15-stem arrangement of seasonal flowers and foliage wrapped in the brand’s upcycled burlap is gorgeous, too.

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