10 Vibrant Prints You’ll Immediately Want To Add To Your Closet

If you’re guilty of having a one-note closet with no excitement to it, check out these 10 prints you’ll want to add to amp up your everyday style. Adding prints to any outfit helps you stand out and more importantly, makes for the perfect Insta-worthy photos!

#1 – Classic Cheetah

Strapless cheetah-print jumpsuit

Forever 21

Cheetah-print is something that can be worn out to the bar or to a business meeting — it’s a classic print that’ll never go out of style! Check out this fierce cheetah-print jumpsuit to rock to any occasion.

#2 – Lemon Squeezy

White and yellow short-sleeve lemon-print wrap dress


Not only is lemon a great flavor to add to summer dishes, but it looks great on a dress, too! Check out this fun lemon-print dress that’ll be sure to add some brightness to anyone’s day.

#3 – Colorful Stripes

Multi-colored striped jumpsuit with spaghetti straps

Forever 21

The vertical stripes on this jumpsuit are sure to do wonders for your figure, as well as add pops of color to your outfit. The tiny buttons going down the front also add a fun element to it.

#4 – Exotic Snake

High-waisted vibrant purple snakeskin flared pants

Fashion Nova

If regular snake print isn’t exciting enough for you, these pants are sure to catch some attention. They’ll also look amazing on any body shape since they’re ultra high-waisted.

#5 – Vibrant Cheetah

Neon yellow cheetah-print cropped top with bell sleeves


If you think regular cheetah-print is old news, this vibrant neon yellow cheetah-print top is sure to be up your alley. The flared sleeves add another element of excitement if the print just isn’t enough for you.

#6 – Tropical Palms

Tropical green palm-leaf beach cover-up romper


If you’re heading to the beach but still want to look fashionable, this cover-up is perfect for you. Pair this romper/cover-up with any bikini or bralette to rock the shore.

#7 – Flirty Floral

Multi-colored floral-print romper with tie-sleeves


This┬ábeautiful floral-print romper is perfect for any special occasion you’ll have this summer. Whether a birthday bash or a wedding, this romper is sure to help you stun the crowd.

#8 – Mesh Polka Dots

Black polka-dot mesh long-sleeve shirt

Nasty Gal

This sheer top is perfect for summer because of its mesh fabric, so you’ll be able to breathe despite the long sleeves. The best part about this top is that you can always change up the look of it depending on the bralette you choose to pair it with.

#9 – Chic Chains

Multi-colored checkered short-sleeve crop-top

Forever 21

If you’re looking to take your fashion game to the next level, this top is sure to get you there. Look like fashion royalty in this cropped button-down top featuring chains and crowns, along with a royal checkered background.

#10 – Marble

Black and white marble-print leggings with mesh cutout


These marble-print leggings will amp up your lounging style, and will probably be the coolest leggings you’ll see in the gym. The mesh factor also lets you breathe while you’re crushing your workout.

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