Top 12 Gift Ideas For An Epic 21st Birthday

21st birthdays are perhaps the most anticipated in a person’s life, therefore they should be celebrated like no other! Check out these cute, crafty, and hilarious ideas to make you or your friend’s 21st a night they’ll never forget (well, hopefully).

#1 – 21 Balloons

TJ Party House

Is it actually your 21st birthday if you don’t have “21” balloons?! It seems like everyone who turns 21 has these balloons to show for it, so why not follow the trend? These balloons come in a cute value pack and are sure to make any room ready for celebration, and more importantly, provide you with the cutest photo ops.

#2 – Champagne Pop Balloons

Party City

If you’re so over the “21” balloons trend and you want something unique for your 21st, these balloons will do the trick! These “champagne-popping” balloons are also a great photo op and would be the perfect backdrop as you’re popping your first bottle of champagne IRL.

#3 – “Finally 21” Sash

Dulcet Downtown

Feel like royalty for the night while letting everyone know that it’s FINALLY your 21st birthday. The best part about this sash is that while you feel like royalty while wearing it, it’s only $8.99.

#4 – Birthday Checklist Sign

If you want something more exciting than the sash, then you need an official birthday checklist. Make your friend one of these signs customized to anything you really think describes them — literally anything. The, on the back of it, make them a crazy checklist that they have to complete on their birthday night, including an array of tasks ranging from “get 21 high fives” to “kiss 21 strangers”.

#5 – “21 Bitches” Headband

XS Accessories

If you’re not really a princess crown type of person, this headband is for sure a more subtle take on one. However, nothing about your 21st birthday should really be “subtle” so this headband is sure to include a very important message — “21 BITCHES”.

#6 – Barbie Cake

Nothing is more appetizing than a cake with fake puke all over it! This cake is a hilarious way to show what’s in store for the night, while still looking pretty. Grab a Barbie doll that looks like the birthday girl, a plastic toilet, some sprinkles, and bam — you have yourself the craziest birthday cake they’ll ever get.

#7 – Alcohol Tower

If the birthday girl isn’t a cake person, this 21st birthday version of a cake ought to be just fine. All you need to make this “cake” is a stand, and an exorbitant amount of alcohol to put on the stand. Add some feathers and rhinestones to bling it up and to accent the exorbitant amount of alcohol provided.

#8 – “Oh Shit Kit”

While everyone is concerned about the actual night of the 21st birthday, it’s important to not forget about the dreaded morning after. You’ll be the guardian angel that your friend desperately needs the morning after their 21st by making this “Oh Shit Kit”, loaded with essentials such as headache relief, gum, crackers, makeup remover, dry shampoo, and more.

#9 – Blinged Out Bottle

If the alcohol-layered cake isn’t for you, try making one blinged-out bottle. Besides the alcohol, all you need is a bunch of rhinestones to stick on, and your gift instantly goes from boring to BLING! This idea is so cute, they might not even drink the alcohol, and just keep the bottle as decor! (or maybe both).

#10 – Perfect Party Playlist

No party is complete without the perfect playlist to get the mood going. Whichever friend is known for being the best at aux should take on this oh-so-important responsibility to ensure that the mood is set from the start of the night and that there are no dull moments.

#11 – Make A Sentimental (or not) Slideshow

This one is a little time consuming but 100% worth it. Show your friend how much you love them and remind them of the great times you’ve had together by creating a slideshow for them. This is especially a good idea if you have a TV available to stream the slideshow on. All you have to do is gather your favorite pictures and/or videos of your friend, make a slideshow in iMovie, and connect your laptop to your TV to stream it on the big screen! Make it as loving or embarrassing as you please — either way they’re sure to appreciate it.

#12 – Frame The Fake!

If your friend relied on a fake I.D. before turning 21 (hey, we’re not judging), give them the ultimate gift by framing it. Get a frame, decorate it however you feel fits, and frame their retired I.D. to remind them that they started at the bottom, and now they’re finally here.

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