10 Things You Must Have To Be A Total Beach Babe

Now that summer is finally coming up, it’s time to head to the beach! Having a beach day is fun, but can sometimes be a hassle with all that you have to pack and prepare. Check out these 10 things that are essential to bring along for your beach day if you want to be a total beach babe pro:

#1 – The Perfect Bronze

Maui Babe bronzing lotions

Maui Babe

The first step to becoming a total beach babe is having the perfect summer bronze. Maui Babe has created the ultimate bronzing kit for your perfect summer glow. Included in this kit is the perfect trifecta — their signature Browning Lotion which includes an instant bronzer, their Reef Safe SPF for areas you want to protect, and their After Browning Lotion to lock in your perfect tan.

#2 – Beach Chair

blue and white beach chair

Tommy Bahama

Going to the beach is all fun and games until you get sand kicked all over your towel and in your face by some kids building a sandcastle next to you. Avoid having that problem by getting this seriously-awesome beach chair that takes care of all of your needs. There’s a reason you see so many people at the beach with these signature Tommy Bahama beach chairs — they’re super easy to carry as they fold up into a backpack, they have a built-in towel-rack on the back, a cupholder, a side pouch for your cellphone, and two zip-pouches on the back, one of which is insulated to keep your drinks cool.

#3 – Insulated Bottle

pink marble S'well bottle


Hydration is key when you’re spending a long day at the beach, but who else gets annoyed bringing tons of water bottles just for them to be boiling hot after an hour? Worry no more, as your water will stay ice cold all day long in one of these S’well bottles. We know — spending $37 on a water bottle sounds like a lot — but this bottle is seriously worth investing in. It carries 25 oz. of whatever drink you choose to bring to your beach day — and how can you pass up such a cute design?!

#4 – Fake Water Bottle

silver water bottle to store valuables


Along with bringing a real S’well bottle to the beach, make sure to bring this genius fake water bottle to stash your valueables. When you leave your hang-out area your valuables are sure to stay safe in this disguise because who would think to check a water bottle for things to take?

#5 – Quirky Towel

toast beach towel

BigMouth Inc.

If you plan on taking a dip into the ocean, you’ll need to bring a towel for yourself. Why bring some old, boring beach towel you found stuffed in the back of your shed when you can bring a quirky, unqiue towel that no one else will have! Check out this hilarious “toast towel” — it’s perfect if you want to get the full-effect of feeling like you’re literally toasting while laying in the hot summer sun.

#6 – Fashionable Cover-up

peach knitted cover-up

Forever 21

Over are the days of throwing on a stained t-shirt and pajama shorts to go to the beach. Getting a super cute cover-up to put on over your bathing suit will have you feeling like you’re going to a photo shoot even when you’re trecking your way through the sand to find a spot on the beach. And if you and your friends decide to grab a bite to eat on your way home, you’ll be dressed to impress!

#7 – Killer Bathing Suit

orange and snakeskin reversible bathing suit


When you take off your super-cute cover-up, you have to have a super-cute bathing suit underneath! If you want to take your bathing suit game to the next level, check out this reversible bikini. This cheeky one-shoulder bikini features fierce snakeskin on one side, and a vibrant orange on the other — it’s like your getting two bikinis for the price of one!

#8 – Music Speaker

rose gold speaker


No beach party is complete without a speaker! This speaker is not only adorable, but it’s also waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about bringing it to the beach. Another cool feature this speaker has is its ability to pair together — so if your friend also has one, you can pair them together to get the party going even more!

#9 – Giant Beer Pong

Giant Beer Pong


Laying at the beach all day can sometimes get a little boring, but this giant beer pong game will be sure to get the party going! Who doesn’t love drinking games and regular-sized things made giant? Everyone will want to join in on your beach party when you whip this game out.

#10 – Beach Bag

grey and white striped beach bag


If you want to bring all of these awesome things to the beach, you gotta have something to carry them all in! Finding a cute beach bag will not only make your life a lot easier when going to the beach, but will also make the perfect accessory to complete your beach babe look!

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