Camila Mendes Is Head Over Heels For Co-Star Charles Melton

Camila Mendes and Charles Melton are total #couplegoals, and we are SO here for it!

The Riverdale stars have been all official since they posted their first picture as a couple on Instagram in October.

Camila is such a proud and supportive girlfriend, she posted a sweet, heart-felt message on Instagram to celebrate the premiere of Charles’ latest movie, The Sun Is Also a Star. 

She wrote, ”I remember the day @melton told me about this project. we were still just friends then. he hadn’t even been cast yet. they hadn’t even started casting. all he told me was ‘i’m going to play this role, I am Daniel bae’,” Cami captioned the post confirming Charles’s instant attraction to the part.”

She continued, ”Aside from having the biggest heart out of anyone I know, his passion and tenacity are part of the reason I fell in love with him. watching him throw his entire heart and soul into this story of love taught me a lot about the kind of person he is.”

Camila also added, ”I’m probably sharing too much, but before we started dating he’d often get mad at me for trying to bring logic into love. He taught me that love doesn’t have an explanation, it either exists or it doesn’t. It was his vulnerability not only as an actor but also as a man, that taught me that valuable message, one that is so relevant to this film. I’m so proud of you Charles and so grateful to have witnessed this beautiful journey of yours.”

Charles replied, ”I love you.”

It’s safe to say love is in the air.

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