Reddit User Gets Dragged For Criticizing Girlfriends’ Appearance

A Reddit user revealed how he organized an entire evening out for his girlfriend since he was going away for two weeks and they wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while.

However, when he arrived, he found her with only a “little makeup” and casual clothes. He couldn’t resist making a comment, and his girlfriend took it to heart.

The boyfriend went on Reddit to ask whether he’d behaved like an “a**hole,” with the majority of the comments saying he was out of line.

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He started with saying he’d booked the two of them a table at a “decent steak restaurant” and that “the intention was for this to be a nice evening together.” He noted that when he picked her up, she came out with only “jeans and a hoodie, maybe a little makeup” then commented on how he thought she “might want to get done-up a little bit tonight.”

The boyfriend went on to say “she totally lost it and started calling me an asshole and telling me how I ruined the evening and made her feel like an idiot.” He said his girlfriend isn’t generally the type to care much about looking great and is more than capable of putting it together for one night saying, “I just feel like she takes me for granted and doesn’t care anymore.”

Posted to the Reddit community “AmItheAsshole,” he said he didn’t ask for much but just figured a night like that would justify a little effort.

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Plenty of people chimed in on the thread, with one user, MightyMary007 writing, “If you want a dress up evening, discuss it in advance. Don’t call her out for not reading your mind.” brijaytee¬†had similar thoughts posting, “If you had expectations about her attire, you should have communicated that. ‘Hey, I’m looking forward to dinner! I was thinking maybe we should dress up a bit, really make a night of it!’ The way you expressed your disappointment with her appearance was rude AF. Apologize.”

“She didn’t wanna dress up. You say she takes you for granted but you were petulant about her dressing comfortable and going on a date. I get that its nice to dress up on dates but you seem like you were expectant,” Skrap93 said. Another user, patiofurnature¬†wrote, “If your intention was to dress nice, then you should have verbalized that before. And even if you did, clearly she made her choice. You can totally find it annoying, but saying something about it is just a dick move with no positive outcome possible.”

The unknown user, who has since deleted his profile, added a few comments to his post after reading what people were saying. “I am adding in this small caveat. I was not upset that she didn’t look good, it is more that i just seems like she doesn’t care enough to try and impress me anymore.” He also added that he isn’t completely accepting of the idea that he should accept his girlfriend no matter what, “I expect the best of myself an no less than that from my partner. I will discuss this with her and if the relationship doesn’t survive, then so be it. I deserve better.”

He later added a third comment to his post saying the mods of the community have banned him for being the asshole.

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