Meet Hannah Oh: The College Student Who Made Over $25K Selling on Poshmark

When Drexel University student Hannah Oh first began selling clothes on Poshmark in high school to make extra cash, she never thought this would become the start of a successful business.

“I originally sold things from my own closet but then I started selling things from T.J. Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and more,” said Oh, 18. “Now, friends will say hey Hannah can you sell this for me?”

She started by clearing out her own closet and then transitioned into purchasing inventory from stores like these. And she decided to stick with one app because it’s a time-consuming business. Oh balances a full course-load of classes as a digital fashion marketing major while working 40 hours a week selling clothes on Poshmark.

“It would be harder to get working hours in with a traditional job,” said Oh. “While I’m doing my makeup or on a homework break I can go on Poshmark and share my closet. When I do make a sale, I will send the label to my younger sister who lives at home to package the item for me.”

And Poshmark is an easy app to make money on because the sellers make it a community and interact with each other at all hours of the day.

“It’s a super social platform,” said Oh. “I’m constantly reaching out to the community and networking with people. I also made an Instagram account and gained some followers from that.”

Oh recommends using Poshmark to her fellow college students because it’s an ideal way to make extra money to go places with friends or travel home for break.

“College students don’t have a lot of money, and we have tiny closets so we need to cut down on our wardrobe,” said Oh. “Selling on Poshmark earns us a little bit of money and someone else can enjoy the clothes we no longer wear.”

And Oh is an expert seller at this point in her Poshmark career. She is an ambassador for Poshmark and has valuable seller tips to share with anyone looking to grow their business or make their first sale.

“Focus on the shots you take of the clothing, sell trendy items and reach out to other sellers because it’s a big community,” said Oh. Natural lighting is also important, and I recommend purchasing a light kit on Amazon or taking photos when it’s light out. Don’t go too far with filters.”

She also recommends listing clothes that are season appropriate because people are more likely to buy items that they can wear in the moment versus months later. For spring, the most popular items she sold last year were sundresses and off-the-shoulder blouses.

Oh said she is excited to keep the cycle of secondhand clothing going to focus on saving the environment.

“I firmly believe the cycle can stay going, and we can help the environment with rotating closets,” she said. “With the rise of fast fashion, people clothes and only keep them for a little while but now they can sell them again.”

But Oh said that most people don’t realize how easy using Poshmark is to save the environment and make money.

“It doesn’t have to be time-consuming,” she said. “This job gives me freedom, and I’m able to do what I’m passionate about by spreading secondhand clothing.”






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