5 Drinking Games You Need To Play With Friends This Summer

Whether you’re throwing your own backyard party or on the invite list to someone else’s, you need to check out these next-level drinking games that will be sure to — shall we say — get the party started.

#1 – Slip ‘n Flip

Slip & Slide Flip Cup


Our inner child is screaming at this genius combo. When slip and slides meet flip cup, slip ‘n flip is born. All you need is a tarp, cups and alcohol and boom the perfect summer drinking game. Pour some soap on the tarp to really get the party started (and make sure to have your camera ready).

#2 – Beer Olympics


If you have friends that love a good competiton and drinking, you need to throw a Beer Olympics. Pick your team, pick your country, and play to win (or, to just get drunk — your preference). Use these drinking games as inspo and add some of your own to get the competiton started. And we definitely recommend having an official scoreboard to keep the competition heated.

#3 – Drunk Waiter

drunk waiter


This drinking game takes Dizzy Bat to the next level. All you have to do is have the “waiter” spin around for 10 seconds, hand them a tray with things on it, and then have them attempt to “deliver” the tray. This game is great to play outdoors because trust us — things will get messy.

#4 – Jell-O Shot Jenga

giant Jell-O shot Jenga game

Stone Point Woodworking

Jenga + Jello-Shots = classic board game turned drinking game. Get this giant custom-made Jenga/Jell-O shot holder and you’ll surely be the party MVP. Jenga is hard enough already, so naturally it’s a great idea to throw some alcohol into the mix.

#5 – Pool Pong

beer pong pool float

Dreambuilder Toy

Want to play beer pong and stay cool at the same time? Get your hands on this beer pong pool float so you can enjoy drinking while avoiding the heat. Caution: this game should probably be played in the shallow end.

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