Top 5 Netflix Shows To Watch If You’re Not GOT Obsessed

While most of America is in a full-on crisis due to Game of Thrones, a select few of us have no clue what throne they’re talking about and what games are being played. If you’re part of the select few, you might be needing a show of your own to obsess over, so check out these Netflix originals that can be your own GOT.

#1 – Dead to Me

Dead to Me


This Netflix original shows the life of a new widow attempting to make sense of her husband’s unexpected, mysterious death. Through this hard time, she finds comfort in a newfound friendship, but this friend has a hefty secret she’s keeping. This show will keep you on the edge of your seat, while also cracking up from the quirky humor of the characters.

#2 – Good Girls

Good Girls


When picture-perfect suburban moms turn into savvy criminals, you get Good Girls. This show tells the story of three moms who are done being pushed around and decide to finally take control of their lives. The catch is that they take this control through crimes, which become more and more severe until they all find themselves in too deep. Will they be able to get out of their newfound criminal ways?

#3 – The Society

The Society


At first, this show might seem like the typical plot — teenagers getting themselves into trouble and having to figure out how to get themselves out of it — but it’s much deeper than that. This group of teenagers somehow gets transported to a town that is an exact replica of their own, only with no signs of their parents or anything they used to know. This show has been compared to “Lord of the Flies” due to its dark, puzzling nature.

#4 – You



This is not your typical “boy-meets-girl” type of love story. If you thought Penn Badgley was creepy enough in Gossip Girl, just wait until you see him as Joe Goldberg in this Netflix show. You follows the romance of Joe and Beck, which starts off as charming and quickly transitions to deadly. Trust us, you are not going to expect this ending.

#5 – Sex Education

Sex Education


As if being a teenager isn’t confusing and awkward enough, imagine being a teenager with a mom who’s a sex therapist. That’s the life of Otis — a teenager who has no sexual experience other than the forced conversations about it with his mother. Otis realizes that although he doesn’t need his mother’s advice, his peers do, so he decides to use his mother’s sexual words of wisdom to start an underground sex therapy clinic for his classmates. This is definitely going to get messy.

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