Halsey Defends BTS: Full-Story & Must-See Details

BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys from Seoul, has been ruling the millennial internet with their multi-genre music. The seven-member band pleasantly surprised their fanbase of 136.4M, now officially called ARMY, by dropping a single with American pop-star, and 2017 Chainsmokers hit-single “closer” singer, Halsey, in April this year.

The music video of the song “Boy with luv” features Halsey dressed in fluorescent pink, performing the classic, choreographed dance moves from the boy band.

On April 12, 2019, the much-hyped collaboration catalyzed a twitter storm and became the most-viewed 24-hour debut in Youtube history, with 74.6 million viewers. A week later, the debut peaked to No.8 on the Billboard Hot 100 — the highest charting K-Pop song by a group of all time.

This collaboration came in full circle after their friendship blossomed two years ago, during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards where Halsey told BTS that their videos were “the coolest.”

What recently happened with ARMY

Just two days after completing the Stateside leg of their Love Yourself Speak Yourself World Tour with a final set of weekend concerts at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium, BTS held an intimate interview with 200 members of ARMY, at the iHeart Radio Theater in New York City on May 21, 2019. Hosted by longtime Z100 radio host Elvis Duran, the interview included Q&A with fans, live covers of Alicia Keys’ songs and also spotlighted the performance of BTS’s own music.

Halfway through, Halsey walked in and surprised the fans, garnering thunderous cheers from the audience. At the end of the night, Halsey expressed her appreciation for BTS by tweeting photos with the caption, “happiest.”

However, the night wasn’t as gleamingly joyful as the pictures broadcast. During the Q&A part of the event, Elvis Duran asked, “Which one of you guys is most likely to mess up a dance routine?” The audience members started screaming two team members’ names, Nanjoong and Jin. When fans pointed at him, Jin said, “I’m not wrong.” The boy bands brushed the awkward question under the carpet by jokingly insisting, “we are all perfect.”

How Halsey Defended BTS

On May 22, Halsey appeared on the iHeart radio with Elvis Duran, criticized his degrading question and called out certain fans for their behavior the night before. She uttered, “Other fans in the interview who had a name to say on a moment they probably shouldn’t have, in a moment where they should’ve probably been really really supportive. I don’t want you to be hard on yourself.. the ARMY really loves you.”

Duran responded by defending himself, “Well I’m the ARMY Uncle you know that,” when Halsey cut him off and said, “Well, of course, that’s what I’m saying they’re really supportive, and they’re very appreciative of you guys being so supportive of their songs… but… I hope they (referring to BTS) don’t mind me speaking on their behalf but there’s a level of respect and gratitude that they are really really fortunate to have developed amongst each other, that they didn’t feel so much for a moment yesterday.”

Duran seems to have missed Halsey’s point that his question had insulted BTS, as he replied to Halsey and said, “Well 99% of the ARMY loved last night’s interview.”

While Uncle Elvis might’ve failed to wrap his head around what he did wrong, BTS fans, who were offended by the overall behavior last night, have been really grateful for Halsey vocalizing her uninhibited support of BTS. We can safely say BTS has found their unofficial yet incredible eighth member.

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