Top 5 Best Ways To Alleviate a Sunburn

It’s the summer time, and you know what that means? Its sunburn season. Ah, yes, we’ve all accidentally forgotten to put on sunscreen every now and then and often find ourselves with more of a burn and less of a tan. But with the help of these remedies, we want to help you turn your sunburns into warm, glowing, tans!

First Things First: Stay Hydrated



Bad sunburns leave your skin dehydrated. The natural moisture from your skin decreases at a faster rate so it’s very important that you drink a lot of water. If you don’t stay hydrated, sunburns can cause you to feel fatigued which takes time away from enjoying the beautiful weather! The easiest way to remember to drink water is to buy a cute water bottle and try to take a few big gulps each hour.

Step Two: Apply a Cold Compress



Strangely enough, it’s actually really beneficial to soak a cold compress in milk and apply it to your sunburn. The fat in the milk helps reduce irritation and soothes the burn. Chilled yogurt or oatmeal can also be super helpful to sunburned skin. If you’re using oatmeal, be sure not to rub it into the skin (as this may exfoliate the already damaged area) but instead, let it sit on top of the skin. If you have the time, try these home remedies out! They may just do the trick.

Step Three: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is the most famous sunburn cure! To break the science down – it’s as simple as this – the clear gel inside the aloe vera leaves help the healing process of a sunburn. Aloe vera also helps to moisturize the skin and prevents the common peeling that takes over your skin after a sunburn. Many topical products contain aloe vera but there are also many articles online that can help you directly extract aloe vera gel from a plant and apply it to your skin.

Step Four: Moisturize



Let me remind you, sunburns cause your skin to lose its natural moisture. So it’s imperative that you consistently moisturize throughout the day to help heal your burn. Creams that contain Vitamin C or E are especially beneficial to sun stressed skin. Here are a few suggested moisturizers: the Vichy LiftActive Vitamin C Brightening Skin Corrector, the Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System with Pure Vitamin C, and the Neogen Real Vita C Powder Lemon. Make sure you’re applying moisturizer a few times a day because supple skin makes the tan come quicker!

Step Five: Sunscreen



We’ve made the mistake one, let’s not make it again! When you’re packing for a day at the beach or pool – don’t forget the sunscreen! I repeat: don’t forget the sunscreen! You can still get a nice tan with sunscreen on and this way you’ll get to avoid the red and peeling phases of a sun burn. It’s important to reapply sunscreen every hour out in the sun to insure total protection. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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