Ariana Grande Scolds Fans Over Touching Her Friends at Concerts

Ariana Grande is currently touring the country on her “Sweetener World Tour” in support of her two recent albums, “Sweetener” and “thank u, next.” However, at her shows, she’s noticed some fans getting overzealous.

The singer took to Instagram Stories on Thursday, May 23 with a “friendly reminder” to fans to not touch her friends or photographers without consent while enjoying her concerts.

Ivan Nikolov/

“friendly reminder. grabbing/touching people without their consent in harassment,” Grande posted. “please do not put your hands on my photographers or friends or anyone you don’t know for that matter when you’re in the pit of my shows. it’s never okay or funny. thank you. (i can’t believe this has to be said…but unfortunately it happens often…thanks for listening.)”

It may be 2019, but having to ask people to stop touching others without consent seems obvious. Most of Grande’s fans are young or young adult so it seems like a no-brainer to not touch dancers and photographers at concerts without consent. Having to ask fans to not do so doesn’t seem like something that should happen.

Many performers have experienced fans either touching them or others at concerts. In 2017, rapper NF kicked a fan out of a concert after touching him on stage and Drake stopped a concert to yell at a fan for inappropriately touching women at a concert in Sydney, Australia.

YouTube beauty guru Jeffree Star got heated when an overexcited fan touched his crotch during a performance. “If anyone ever touches my crotch again, I will beat your motherf***in’ ass outside, bitch,” he told the crowd when the fan got dragged away by security. “I do not need to be disrespected. If anyone ever disrespects any of you guys, beat the s*** out of them!” He continued to fans as they applauded and cheered.


Also in 2018, a video posted by TMZ showed legendary singer Elton John storming off stage at a concert in Las Vegas after a fan got too handsy during a performance. After inviting a bunch of fans together around him while he played the piano, one fan wouldn’t stop touching him and trying to give him a high five. Frustrated, he stormed off the stage. When he returned, he sternly told the audience, “No more coming on my stage on Saturday night. You f***** it up!”

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