Netflix Reigns as the Top Streaming Service for College Students

From tests to presentations to group projects, college students are always looking for ways to relax and wind down from the stresses of college. Whether that’s exercise, hanging out with friends, catching up on their favorite show (or all of the above), taking some time to enjoy what makes you happy makes all the difference in your overall mental health as well as your academic performance.

A survey ran by Grand Canyon University reveals what college students are tuning into today, along with their favorite streaming services and favorite shows based on their major. The results reveal a number of things that we can expect already, like their interest in shows like Game of Thrones and The Office, but also quite a few surprises.

The Most Popular Streaming Services Overall

Coming in at 46%, Netflix was chosen as the most favorable streaming service overall which shouldn’t come as a surprise to many. With the sheer amount of Netflix originals being churned out recently along with the classic old favorites, you’re a dime a dozen if you aren’t on the platform. What is surprising about these results is that cable and satellite services are used the most just under Netflix but more than Hulu, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go/Now.

Being broke in college is not a new phenomenon. For decades upon decades, students have been working before and after classes or relying on their family for extra cash to help with expenses, rent, food, and more. All this to say, it’s no secret that pirating is a common method of obtaining access to movies and television shows. In all honesty, there most likely are far more students than just 3% that private their entertainment but don’t admit to it.

The Most Popular TV Shows Broken Down by Major

Business and communications majors tend to take a liking to The Office. Perhaps they have big dreams of working for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company one day? Arts, health, and humanities majors gravitate towards Game of Thrones which is well – fitting?

Popular ABC show The Good Doctor that was just renewed for another season is the favorite show for education majors. Perhaps they enjoy learning about life in the surgical unit?

All in all, the results did reveal one thing. When college students find a streaming service or TV show they like, it spreads like wildfire. Between Netflix, Game of Thrones, and The Office, there’s no stacking up against the top contenders here.

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