Four Reasons 20-Somethings Should Wait To Have Children

Do you have friends who are way ahead of you in life? And by way ahead, I mean, they’re already married? With a kid or two? Or they’re expecting? And do you find yourself catching baby fever? But you’re not mentally, physically or financially ready? Skrrrrttt! Pump your brakes! Here are four reasons why you should wait.


Congratulations, you graduated and made it.


If you’re like me, a Senior in college and one semester or a couple credits away from graduation, it makes sense to wait. Graduate, get into your career field and become comfortable with whatever you decide to do. That way, you’ll be able to fully support you and your future family.


A woman showing her freedom off.


Some people say having a child before you’re ready takes away your independence. I personally know of parents, young and old, who say it’s really hard to have a social life after a baby. You’ll get invited to go out but, you have to automatically think about who’s going to be your babysitter. And if it’s a last minute invite, will they even be available?


A past due bill.


Ever since I started school, I enrolled as a part-time student. I chose to be a part-time student because I still needed my full-time job. I had just moved into my first apartment, so, not only did I have bills to pay, but, I also had rent. If it was possible to be a full-time student and get paid like a full-time employee, that would be amazing. But unfortunately, it’s not. Between working, paying bills, taking care of myself and personal needs, my money can only stretch so far. Including a child and having to purchase things like baby food, pampers, etc., would probably put me in a deep financial hole that I’d never be able to escape. If you can relate, then, you are definitely not ready for that. And neither am I.


Making plans and calculating.


In past conversations with some of my colleagues and associates who have children, they have told me that there’s never really a right time to have a child. I beg to differ. There’s a reason why condoms and birth control exists. I honestly believe you should have your finances in order, as well as, be emotionally and mentally ready to bring another life into this world.

Some people may view you as being selfish and that’s ok. You’re still young. You have the right to be selfish. You’re making the right choice for yourself and for your future children. Get your degree and become stable in your career! Have fun and travel! And when you meet the one, settle down and get married. Then, you can fully enjoy your life and family. You’ll be proud you did it the right way.

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