The Voice Judges 2019: Meet The Coaches of Season 17

Mega pop-star and former sexiest man alive, Adam Levine has been the King of the spinning chair, and the face of The Voice for sixteen seasons. In a heartfelt Instagram post on Friday, Adam announced that he will be leaving the show, reflecting on his “surreal” and “life-shaping experience” working on the four-time Emmy Award-winning singing competition.

Although the Maroon 5 frontman’s decision to quit shocked fans, insiders told People Magazine that “he had been wanting to move on for quite some time,” as he was not particularly amused with some of the changes in the show, such as the “Live Cross Battles,” — the head to head artist competition, whose fate is decided by the audience. But E! News, and NBC have been teasing some spicier reasons, suggests the hate-love bromance between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton could’ve gotten a little sour, but regardless the duo have explicitly expressed they will miss each other. Shelton dedicated a post, detailing his difficulty “wrapping his head around” Adam’s departure.

But the audience might take a bit longer to get over this, as Adam will indeed be replaced by Blake Shelton’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani The No Doubt frontwoman met the country star when she served as a coach back in Season 7, and later returned for seasons season 9 and 12.

Other than the continuum return of Blake and Gwen love story, the show will still include former American idol winner and two consecutive championship winner, Kelly Clarkson, who happens to also be kind of bummed out about Adam.

The show’s most recent line-up aka the legend, John Legend, will also be returning after his successful debut and scoring a win with Maelyn Jarmon in Season 16.

And until Fall 2019, as we fans and showmakers debate the future of The Voice without Adam Levine, here’s a two minute memoir of the tales of two frenemies, Adam and Blake.

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