5 Interesting Things to Talk About On The First Date

In 2019, it seems like it gets harder and harder to find the one, let alone go on a date. The first date is always awkward, especially if it’s with someone you just met on a random dating site. Fear no more. I’m here to give you five simple topics to talk about on the first date. This should ease the date into going from terribly uncomfortable to getting to know the person sitting in front of you.


“Have you ever traveled before? If so, where?” This topic brings up holidays, dream destinations and makes your date sense a euphoric feeling and vice versa. Once your date can get a feel about where you have visited and the places you once went or have been to, this can easily break the ice.

Add on

When you add on to whatever your date says, it shows that you know how to pickup the conversation and that you also know how to be assertive. Your date won’t find you boring because you can carry a conversation and keep them interested. This shows your warmth and that you can be genuine. Don’t dominate and take over the entire conversation. Also, don’t spend the entire time talking about you. It’s really unattractive.


Now, I understand if you’re the private type. Why would you want to tell a complete stranger your innermost secrets? Well, you want to do this because it shows your emotional side. Remember this equation: Emotion + personal info = a powerful connection. You may be unaware of it at the time but, you and your date are creating intimacy between each other that takes most couples years to create. Within the time spent during the date, you will have created a powerful connection that could eventually turn into a lifelong partnership.


As the great female rap group Salt-N-Pepa stated in their hit song, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, let’s talk about sex, baby! Let’s be honest: We’re all grown. You have had sex before or prior to this date. You don’t have to ask your date when was the last time they had sex or who they had sex with. But, you do need to ask them when was the last time you got tested? Have you ever had an STD before? How do you feel about abortions? This shows you where your date’s mind is and how free they feel to express their personal thoughts and feelings.

One Night Stand Or Nah?

Do you want to sleep with them tonight or make them wait? Maybe they said or did something that completely turned you on or off. They may have burped and didn’t say, “Excuse me.” MAJOR TURN OFF. Or they may have opened the car door, the restaurant door and pulled the chair out for you to sit down first. MAJOR TURN ON. Either way, this is something you should’ve known before the first date took place but, by the end of the night, you will know, for sure.

And there you have it! Now, be free to go on that first date or as many first dates your heart desires until you find the right one. You never know. You may find your future husband or wife on your perfect first date.